It had to happen eventually - I have actually gone and gotten a big girl's website, you know the ones? They actually look like they belong to someone who is at least semi-professional? 

Well, 'semi' is the operative word, it's mostly finished. I'm just working out how to integrate my blog with my site. BUT you can have a look at it now. Check it out and feel free to let me know if something doesn't work or if you wish there was something there that isn't... 
I'd like to say a big Happy Release Day to Tèa Cooper! Her historical novella 'A Winning Streak' is going on sale today. 

It should be available now at her publisher's site, and will be available on Amazon later today. 

Here's a bit about her book!

A Winning Streak by Téa Cooper 

Will the path of true love incur the wrath of the virgin Goddess Artemis?

Abandoned at birth, Atalante, protege of the goddess Artemis, is forced into an untenable position by her estranged father, the King of Arcadia—renege on her vow of virginity or condemn her suitors to a sacrificial death. The aristocratic courtier, Melanion, cannot believe anyone would be foolish enough to put their life on the line for the dirty little predator whose reputation for speed and cruelty is legendary. That is until he falls under Atalante's spell.

Consumed by desire and jealousy, Melanion is determined to win Atalante's hand or die trying. He calls upon Aphrodite to assist him, little realizing that her noisome brat, Eros, has the pair of them in his sights and is determined to inject a little spice into their lives. Spice that will devastate the path of true love and incur the wrath of the virgin Goddess Artemis.

Digital Edition: $2.99 | ISBN: | Length: 20,000 words 

Publication Date: June 14th, 2013 | PDF – MOBI – EPUB |Timeless 

Sales Link: Breathless Press

The sixth day of Thargelion 
Mount Parthenius, Arcadia 

Purple thunderclouds swirled, and lightning slashed the sky. Artemis the Huntress, goddess of the forests and the hills, stood astride the mountaintop, staring in fascination at the frail human figure edging its way to the cave. 

The figure gazed around furtively, then placed a tightly wrapped bundle beneath the shelter of the rocky overhand before stepping stealthily away through the glade of moon-white cyclamen flowers. 

A flash of lightning illuminated the interior of a cave. Bounding effortlessly down the mountain, Artemis raged at the folly of mankind. 

"Great Zeus above!" 

Impossibly huge cerulean eyes stared up at her—the epitome of perfection. Artemis reached down and picked up the swaddled bundle. The scent of the fresh, sweet skin and the flawless rosebud mouth tugged at her heart as she cradled the tiny body close to her breast and raised her fist to the heavens. "This I vow, my little one, you shall become fleet of foot, a huntress, second to none and guided by my ever-watchful eye." 

Pulling back the tightly wrapped swaddling, she gazed in awe as the plump, perfectly formed limbs pounded the air. "I name you Atalantê, my princess, for we are as one. In perfect harmony you will grow in my image, your maiden divinity never to be conquered by Eros." 

Artemis listened as in the valley below, the Arcadian people held their collective breath. She stilled the lightning and dismissed the thunderclouds. Finally, when the pale sun rose, the frustrated cries of Lord Iasius filled the palace. "Gods! Take back your girl. Give me a boy to inherit my kingdom!" 

The acts of men are rarely unheeded by the gods, and Artemis vowed compassion for her little foundling, seeing to her warmth and nourishment until the girl grew tall and nimble, slim of hip—a virgin huntress, in her own image.


Téa writes contemporary and historical romantic fiction featuring strong-minded women and sexy heroes who have to fight long and hard for what they believe in before they reach their happy ever after. 

A Winning Streak is Téa's first Ancient Greek novella. She has written three contemporary romances Tree ChangeThe Protea Boys and Passionfruit & Poetry. She is currently working on a series of nineteenth century historical romances set in Australia. The first Lily's Leap released in May 2013 and Matilda's Freedom, will be released on 1st July 2013. 

To keep up with all of Téa's news visit her website where you will find links to her blog and social media pages.

While Confidante: The Escort is off with the beta readers, I am working on the first draft of 'Too Close'. 

It's all about Katrina and David before A Beautiful Struggle and is told from David's POV. 

Here's the very rough draft of Chapter One, when they first meet. 

Tentative release date is July 30 - so add it to your TBR

Chapter One I remember the first time I ever saw Katrina, I was probably ten years old at the time and she was the new kid at the school, I noticed her because she was so much taller than all of the other girls and she had two long plaits that sat over her shoulders and were tied with blue ribbons.

Something inside me, made me really want to either pull on her plaits or undo the ribbons. But I restrained myself – experience had told me that girls didn’t really  like that, even though it was all in good fun.

We both lived out in Cranebrook which was the last stop on the bus route travelling from Penrith Primary School and it took me a couple of weeks of watching her to finally decided that I was going to sit next to her.

She just looked too lonely to me and I figured that we may as well be friends since the bus was completely boring once everyone else got off.

“Can I sit next to you?” I asked her. She had her bag sitting on the seat next to her, it meant that she didn’t want anyone to sit there, but I was going to try anyway.

“I guess,” she said, bouncing her shoulders and pulling her bag onto her lap, hugging it close to her chest.

“I think you get off at the same stop as me,” I told her, even though I knew this for sure.

“Do I?”

“Yeah, I see you get off the bus before me every day.”

“Oh. Where to you live?”

“Etchell Place, what about you?”

“Tornado Crescent.”

“We’re only a couple of streets away from each other” I informed her. “How come you don’t catch the bus in the morning?”

“My dad drives me.”

“Lucky you…” I commented, thinking for a moment before I came up with, what I thought, was a brilliant plan. “Hey, if we become friends. Do you think he could drive me too?”

“I don’t know…maybe.”

“That settles it then. Besides, you look like you could do with a friend.”

“I do?”

“Yeah. I’ve seen you around school. You don’t really talk to anyone much.”

“I don’t have much to say.”

I shrugged and looked at her, she’d turned her head and was watching the world go by through the bus window.

“So how do you like catching the bus?” I asked, just trying to get her to talk a bit. I remember thinking it would be really cool to know someone from my school who lived near me. Not many kid’s parents were happy to make them travel so far for school when there was a local one within walking distance to our house.

“I hate it,” she says, turning to look at me. “I hate that my parents moved so far away from my school. I hate that I have to catch the bus. It stinks. It smells like armpits and buttholes and rotten fruit. The fabric on the seats prickles the backs of my legs. It sucks!”

I was a bit shocked when this tirade of words spilled from her mouth, but when she finished, I started laughing.

“What so funny?!” she demanded.

“You’re right,” I laughed even harder. “It does smell like armpits, buttholes and rotten fruit!”

She looked at me for a moment, I guess she was trying to decide if she was angry with me or whether she thought it was funny too.

Thankfully she chose to laugh, because it was that moment our friendship started. 

On Tuesday's I like to spend the morning reading articles on and then share any interesting articles I come across. I don't generally get the chance to keep up to date with what's going on with the world, so setting aside this time each week, at the very least - gives me a clue. 

Many of you who are connected to my personal account on facebook will know that I love The Voice. The following article is about contestant Harrison, a 19 year old boy, who, despite having quite a severe stutter, can sing beautifully. 

Article by 
  • Holly Byrnes - National TV writer
  • From: News Limited Network
  • June 10, 2013 11:28PM

  • Read more:

    HARRISON Craig's estranged father may not be a fan of The Voice, or have seen his son's triumph on national television.

    But the 19-year-old Melbourne singer was gracious enough to acknowledge the man who abandoned his family and inspired the heart-breaking original song which could carry Craig to claim this year's reality talent series title.

    In raw and emotional scenes reminiscent of last year's winner Karise Eden, the teen sensation channelled his family break-up, schoolyard bullying and the stutter which for so long kept his feelings locked inside, finally let his voice - and his heart - be heard in the lyrics of a moving song he penned, prophetically titled More Than A Dream.

    With the composure and vocal control expected of his more senior rivals, Craig made his final and most compelling claim to be named the winner of this year's Voice series - with just a week of voting now left before Australia decides between the Team Seal favourite and his competition: Team Ricky's Luke Kennedy, Team Delta's Celia Pavey and controversially, Team Joel's Danny Ross.

    More than a dream immediately went to the top of the iTunes chart and Harrison's Unchained Melody was at No. 2.

    Read more:
I know, I know - if you're in the US, you got to watch it Sunday. I'm in Australia and it's Monday here while it's your Sunday.

Anyway, I've been waiting and waiting for this show to return because I LOVE IT! Here's the info on the series return from the TNT website. 

'Season three of Falling Skies opens seven months after the 2nd Mass arrived in Charleston. In the interim, Tom has been elected to political office, but he has his hands full as the resistance continues to battle the alien invaders. Tom’s decision to have the rebel skitters fight alongside humans creates tension and raises suspicions that someone may be feeding secrets to the enemy'

I'm bouncing like a school girl because I'm so happy it's returning!! Yay! 

Lilliana Anderson is an author of New Adult romances 'A Beautiful Series', 'Alter' and Erotic Biography 'Confidante: The Brothel' 

You can find her work on Amazon and other popular ebook retailers

We are only three weeks away from Confidante: The Escort's release date of June 30! 

It's currently off being read by a couple of ladies who are going to let me know what other information I need to get from Angelien to make this book really awesome for you. 

It's still in story 'telling' mode, I have added all that wonderful 'flesh' to paint the picture for you yet, but here is a sneak peek of what's coming your way! 

Excerpt from
Chapter Two -  The Mountain Angelien didn’t feel anywhere near ready for what was waiting for her as she walked down the hallway of the Boulevard Hotel preparing to meet her first client. It had been so long since she’d worked in the brothel, and if she was honest with herself, she was quietly worried that she might have lost her touch.

Approaching the correct door, she raised her hand to knock, but froze before she made contact. With her hand still in the air, she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, feeling the shake in her legs as her knees knocked together. Silently, she stood there, willing herself to focus on her breath and calm down.

Angelien was unsure how long she stood there for – seconds? minutes? - she couldn’t tell. But finally, when she felt calm enough to continue - she knocked on the door.

She’d like to say that what she felt were butterflies flying about in her stomach, but what she was feeling was more akin to a plague of locusts, beating against the walls of her stomach and threatening to spill out her mouth.

As she heard movement on the other side of the door, she swallowed the thick lump in her throat, forcing those locusts back down and planting what she hoped was a sultry smile on her face.

When the door opened it revealed one of the biggest men she had ever seen in her life. To call him roly-poly would have been an understatement - he appeared not much taller than her own five foot, three inches of height. He was about 50 years of age and was dressed in a hotel room dressing gown that didn’t even pretend that it was going to close around his sizeable paunch.

"You must be the beautiful Diana I’ve been expecting,” he said immediately, calling her the same working girl name she’d used in the brothel and had decided to continue using as an escort. “Come through and have a drink. I’m sure you need to call your office to let them know you’re here. You’ll find the phone is over on the desk,” he informed her, his eyes dragging up and down her body as he licked his lips hungrily. “Although, before you ring, perhaps you’d agree to stay for the night? I can offer you the whole room service menu with champagne, and if room service hasn't got what you want I’m sure they can find a place to get it for you..." he offered, looking at her hopefully, his hands clasped over his large belly as he waited for her answer.

For a moment she just stood there stunned. It felt a little like the movie Pretty Woman except that Julia Roberts got Richard Gere and she got Santa’s chubbier and less attractive brother! Still he seemed harmless enough and she sensed he wouldn't be bad company.

"Sure, that would be nice,” Angelien said smiling and moving over to the phone to call Trish.

"Well done on your first job,” Trish commented upon hearing the news of Angelien’s all night booking. “I knew my instincts were right with you. Tell your client that I’ll be billing his credit card. I will call you at ten to six Angelien, please remember to listen for the phone. If you don't answer I’ll be calling the police. We don’t take any chances,” Trish reminded her.

“No problem,” Angelien replied while thinking, Too bad if he kills me within the first few hours!

As she hung up the phone, her client approached her smiling, offering her a glass of champagne with a single strawberry dancing about with the bubbles inside it. His name was Ken, but he would become forever known to Angelien as 'The Mountain' by the night’s end. 

Lilliana Anderson is an author of New Adult romances 'A Beautiful Series', 'Alter' and Erotic Biography 'Confidante: The Brothel' 

You can find her work on Amazon and other popular ebook retailer

A.V Scott is a new author to me and will be to you too. 

When she does her official launch I'll be featuring her on a Friday, but right now, I am lucky enough to be one of the first people to be reading her newly rewritten work. 

I met A.V Scott in November last year and we have hit it off really well, emailing each other back and forth quite often, I really enjoy her wit and her outlook in life, so of course I am loving the way she writes. 

I'm only a few chapters in, but she has a wonderful sense of humour and I have found myself laughing a few times and then reading parts out to my husband. 

Until this book releases so you can read it too, you can follow A.V. Scott on facebook to get updates, read some sample chapters and patiently wait for her to click 'publish' on Amazon. 

So that's me - what is everyone else reading this weekend? 

Today, Melissa Crowe joins us to share her new release called 'New Beginnings' - it's book two in her Ivory Series and is currently available on Amazon, and Smashwords. 


Vaughan and Nicola have survived a vampire turf war, now they face a much greater threat.

“So, when you say you need to go to Egypt and find The Creator. What does that mean exactly?”

After 66 years as a blood drinker, Vaughan makes moves to regain the mortality that was stolen from him.
“It is time for you to show your loyalty to me. I have a task I wish for you to undertake in exchange for what you request.”

He and the seductress Cleopatra embark on a doomed mission to find Clara and take her to Egypt for punishment.

When you make a deal with the devil, there’s sure to be consequences.

About Melissa

I am from the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia and started writing in 2009. I write New Adult Paranormal Romance and love exploring things slightly out of the box.

After receiving too many knock backs to count from agents and publishers, I was ready to give up writing. That was until a friend gave me Switched by Amanda Hocking and said to me "If she can self publish, then why can't you?" 

So here I am, diving head first into self publishing and not regretting my decision at all. I am not looking to find fame and fortune or be the next Amanda Hocking, I just want to share my stories with people who will appreciate and enjoy them.

You can find me at:

Those of you who are a part of my facebook event have already seen this one, but I'm finally on my computer and can share this with the rest of you! 

Here it is - the cover for Confidante: The Escort (Confidante: Trilogy book two) 

For those of you who haven't read book one yet, it's available for free at Smashwords (It should be free everywhere else by the end of the month)

Here's the Goodreads link if you'd like to add The Escort to your TBR


'You thought I was shocked when I found out that my mother in law used to work in a brothel! Imagine my surprise when she told me that after she got out of there she decided to return to work in the sex industry. 

But this time - she wanted to go where the money was, she wanted to be an Escort. 

Follow Angelien, a now retired Sydney sex worker, in this true story, as she breaks boundaries when she insists of becoming an escort in her mid 30s, proving to everyone that a mature lady can be a very successful and sought after woman in an industry dominated by youth.

Story rated 18+ due to subject matter and sex scenes.'

As many of you know, a while ago I got to be a part of the android beta testing for the weebly app to post from my phone. Well, that is still a little buggy and my posts come out as one massive chunk of text.

Now,I'm trying to blog from my iPad and the mobile app for apple has been around for longer than the android one. Fingers crossed that this one works, otherwise I am going to have to give up on my mobile blogging efforts for good and schedule my posts ahead of time like normal people.

As a side note - for those of you who were hoping to get some sort of book news out of this post, here it is - I will be revealing the new and very awesome cover for Confidante: The Escort. It's releasing on June 30th and I'm loving Angelien's stories!