Today I have been busy planning our online launch party, there are so many different things we can do to make the time fun. But, I can't tell you now - our plan will be revealed when the invites go out the week before.  Join me on facebook if you would like to attend! :)

I got a really nice email today from one of our readers, who just read the teaser from Amazon. She clicked on my email address from the back of the book to let me know she had finished reading and couldn't wait for the full book to come out.

I just love hearing from readers - you know, you see your sales ticking over on Amazon but there aren't very many who actually give you feedback - being contacted lets me know that I am not just writing the void out there.

Anyway, the book is with our editor at the moment so we are left to get everything ready for the launch. The 22nd October is just around the corner now!

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