The official launch for A Beautiful Struggle is about to happen in only a few hours! - you can get a copy now online from Amazon or Smashwords (it will soon be available on ibooks, nook, B&N etc just waiting for approval) s

Here are the links - Amazon US
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It's still the number one bestselling Australian Drama - so spread the word to your friends! 


*** ADULT CONTENT WARNING *** contains sex scenes not suitable for under 18s
Katrina Mahoney has a very full life attending university to study a law degree, training for triathlons and now she is working part time as well. She couldn’t possibly find time for a relationship, especially after her last one ended so catastrophically.

Right now she is content focusing on work, study and training while hanging out with her best friend David Taylor, a womaniser with a heart of gold that would do anything for Katrina – except watch her get hurt again.

That is, until the dashing Elliot Roberts, a junior solicitor from her work, shows an interest in her despite their office’s ‘No Dating’ policy. 

Katrina struggles with following her heart or following her mind and has trouble seeing where her heart truly lies.

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