So far nothing much has happened for me this week, all of the things I usually aren't happening as lots of people are off sick with colds at the moment so we seem to by trying to steer clear of each other.

I did have a friend over who is one of the two people outside of my husband and Angelien that know about my current side ventures, and now I find that she is using me as her sexual sounding board. She was asking me about which is the best lube to buy (I said Sylk) and was talking like what she thought she was saying was really naughty. It really made me laugh because after all of the stories that Angelien has told me a little lube chat isn't a very intimate conversation for me. I seem to be surrounded by some very sheltered folk! 

Angelien came around today to go over some work, we were supposed to write up a very busy 10hr shift this week but I think she has been reminded of something else so watch this space for updates!
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