So, I spent the day with Angelien today. We get together once a week and bake some treats for my kids and organise some meals for the week so that we don't have to cook everyday.  It's very domestic of us but it gives us a great chance to talk about everything that pops in our heads and what direction our series is going to take.

I am currently getting her to write down anything she can think of that has happened in her life because besides working in brothels and escort agencies, she has had many other jobs and relationships that are important to her story.

Our view right now is to write 3 series titled Confidante: The Brothel ; Confidante: The Escort ; and Confidante: The Madame.  On top of that we will have her complete memoir that will have to be read to be believed I think! She has had such a colourful life, I am amazed she is so level headed at times.

I am off to do a little bit of 'about the author' work, that I have neglected to do thus far.

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