I was so close to finishing the first draft of Alter but I couldn't stop thinking things like 'It would be better if...' or 'I just want to change...' 

So I went back to the beginning to fix all of the things that were niggling at my mind. I'm so glad that I did, because I know feel so much more connected with the characters and the story is flowing out of me. 

I'm actually getting my zombie looks happening a lot as I get lost in a scene as it plays in my mind. I'll be ironing and my kids will go, "What's wrong?" and I'm like, "Huh?" as I snap back to reality, torn from the grips of some fine drama going on inside that head of mine! lol 

Although, I have to say, my oldest is getting used to it. She saw me in the kitchen the other day, took one look and said, "She's in her book again!" 

lol, kids - they're so adaptable! 

Lilli xoxox 

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