I am super excited because Alter is now finished! I have been working my butt off getting it ready - my beta and proof readers have done the same and I just finished a read through and didn't find any glaring errors. So it's ready! *sigh* so happy right now :) 

On Monday, I sent out the advanced readers copies to reviewers - so now, I'm just waiting on them to start getting back to me. 

In the meantime, I will start to format the official ebook so I can get it out to you all! 

Keep your eye out for the official facebook launch party - where you'll be given the chance to win an ipad mini for spreading the word of Alter's release. 

Here's a bit of a teaser for you all! 

“Alright,” he said, deciding to tell her about one of his more amusing jobs of the day. 

“We had one job for a woman whose toilet wouldn’t stop running. We get there at like, seven in the morning, and she’s got kids all over the place. I think there were maybe six of them – all pretty young too, so there were toys everywhere and she’s trying to get the older ones up and ready for school while I’m working.

“So I’m in the bathroom, doing my stuff and this little kid comes wandering in, half asleep and just starts undoing his pants right in front of me and takes a piss – on the floor! Completely misses the toilet. His mum comes running in mortified, apologising profusely and berating the kid, but I couldn’t stop laughing, it was so funny,” he smiled, glancing up at his girlfriend who was grinning right back at him.

“Did you just stand there while he peed?” she asked.

“Nah, I jumped out of the way and went out into the hallway. He was like five – I didn’t want to get pissed on. He didn’t even see some strange guy in his bathroom, he was like a little zombie,” he laughed lightly at the memory before continuing, “Other than that, it was a pretty ordinary day. What about you?” he asked, meeting her eyes as he spooned a mouthful of risotto into his mouth.

“I don’t want to talk about me,” she murmured, sliding her hand over his thigh, lightly brushing in between his legs. She delighted in watching his eyes cloud slightly as his focus shifted from food to fun when her light touch turned into purposeful strokes. A sultry smile tilted her mouth as she felt him harden beneath her hand.  

Leaning in, his breathing was already heavy as he slid his hand into her hair, and cupped the base of her head as he brought their lips closer. She parted her lips willingly, allowing his tongue to enter, sliding against hers, tasting her.

Her eyes fluttered closed as their mouths moved together, a glorious hum rolling around her body as she climbed onto his lap and deepened the kiss. Taking fistfuls of his hair, she tilted his head back and pulled away slightly, looking into his eyes as she rocked herself against him. She wanted him to see the arousal in her eyes, she wanted him to see how much she wanted him.

Eric’s hands slid up her thighs, venturing under her dress and up to her waist, her skin smooth like silk under his fingertips. Growling, he pushed his hips up against her increasing wetness. She gasped, letting her head roll back, giving him access to the flesh on her neck. He kissed and tasted her skin, the feel of her pulse on his lips causing his breathing to deepen and his own arousal to grow painfully firm.
6/5/2013 07:29:34 pm

Is it getting hot in here?

Lilliana Anderson
6/5/2013 07:49:12 pm

lol, just a touch


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