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Today saw me reach the half way point in the first run through of Alter. I'm travelling fairly quickly as I want to go through this manuscript at least three times before I hand it back to my beta readers in less than two week's time. 

What I'm trying to do at the moment is show you all the confusing time that the main character Mia and those that are close to her are all going through as Mia's mental health comes into question.

I want you to feel that worry, see the confusion, while still giving you a good idea about what is going on with her. 

I have to say that this is a challenging book - but one that I'm loving. I just hope that the vast majority of you will love it too! 

Anyway, watch this space - I'll be furiously working for the next couple of weeks and then the manuscript goes back to the beta readers, gets a final tweak and edit and then it will be out to all of you by May 20! Just over a month to go! Yikes! 

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