This is me, posting from my mobile - take two. We'll see if it works this time! 

I am about to embark on an intensive two weeks of rewrites for Alter. I have had some wonderful feedback from my beta readers so far and with the last couple of responses due back this weekend, I'll have everything I need to get typing. 

I'm feeling really excited about the changes that everyone has put forward, I feel that the story is going to work so much better now. For me, and I'm sure all writers in general, beta readers are invaluable. When I send out my first draft, I'm umming and ahhing over what more the story needs. In my head, I have all the information about my characters and their world but I'm not sure exactly what it is that everyone else wants to see. 

Imagine a book as a house. In my first draft, my beta readers are given a window to look through. They can't quite see everything that I can see from inside, so they have a lot of questions. It's these questions that let me know how I should set up the room to meet their expectations when I finally open the door and bring them inside with my completed manuscript. 

It's a very exciting time for me, and I'm sure that you'll hear about it constantly through my ramblings. Especially now that I have the ability to blog from my pocket! Talk soon! (now I press 'publish' and hope that this post doesn't disappear like my last one!)

Lilli xoxox

END NOTE re: beta testing the weebly app - It published fine BUT it was one big smooshed up paragraph, so I have gone through and fixed it up from my laptop so it's readable. 

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