So, I spend a lot of time on Goodreads and on my Author dashboard it kept telling me that I hadn't created a group yet. Not liking leaving something unfinished looking I decided - what they hey? and set one up. 


Join in if you like, ask questions, nag me, chat to each other - what ever suits you. :) 

Love you all! Today has been a great official launch day hitting the top 1000 in the UK and the top 1100 in the US so thank you thank you!!!! 


Lilli xoxox

To celebrate the launch of A Beautiful Forever I am running a giveaway for a full week - to gain entry, you simply have to tell people about the book to help spread the word. 

Good luck!!! 
A handful of you have already found it, but for those that don't know - I put it up early to avoid any internet gremlins sucking my files away into the ether. 

So if you want to have an early look, here are the links ---->

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CA

I will upload it to createspace and smashwords on the actually launch day (March 1st) as they aren't as fickle as Amazon is with the publishing process. 

Love Ya!!!

Lilli xoxox

Feel free to join in the official launch event set to take place on HERE on facebook. 

This will be an easy event to attend, simply stop in, complete the rafflecopter tasks to help spread the word of A Beautiful Forever's launch to increase your chance to win some great prizes! It will run from 1st to 7th March 2013 and winners will be notified by email. 

Prizes include
1st Prize - $20 Amazon Gift Card, A Beautiful Forever Stainless Steel drink bottle, and a signed print copy of A Beautiful Forever;

2nd Prize - $10 Amazon Gift Card, A signed copy of A Beautiful Forever, and a Silver Phoenix Bracelet

3rd Prize - $5 Amazon Gift Card, and A Beautiful Forever fridge magnet

***A Beautiful Forever is currently available in the Kindle store only, but will be available from Smashwords and affiliates, as well as in print via createspace as of launch day.
I just finished my last read through of A Beautiful Forever. So I'm done. Elliot has been living in my brain for over five months now and he's been taking over my life - my poor husband never stood a chance next to this amazing man (who folds clothes!) that I created in my mind. 

So for me, it's time to send Elliot on his way and wish him a happy life while I spend a bit of time focusing on my own loved ones (even though mine doesn't fold clothes! lol!)

Lilli xoxox
I have only 14 chapters left to edit before A Beautiful Forever is getting emailed around the world to it's early reader reviewers as well as it's prize winners. 

During that time I will read over it a couple of times myself to check for any errors I may have missed and then upload to Amazon. 

Expect to find it live by the first of March. I'll provide links once it's up. 

Lilli xoxox

The official final edit is about to happen of A Beautiful Forever! That means it will be ready for early reader reviews as early as the 4th of March! 

If you are interested in reading A Beautiful Forever to leave a review - please contact me with your preferred ebook format. 

I have ten copies available and it will be first in first served. 

It's almost ready! I can't wait! 

I have been participating in a Valentine's Day Romance Hop and if you haven't entered already you can visit the post HERE - not only can you win on my blog but you can visit over 60 others and enter for your chance to win something there too. ON TOP OF THAT there is a grand prize draw happening at the end were you will get a ton of ebooks and gift cards! Don't miss out, if I was a participant I'd be entering in a flash! 
Confidante The escort (Book 2 Confidante Trilogy)Confidante The escort by Lilliana Anderson

Angelien has PROMISED me that we will sit down as of March 1st to get this book out to you!

I'll keep you posted

Lilli xoxox

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Celebrating St. Valentine Giveaway Hop


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This Giveaway Hop was organized by Reading Romances!

I'm very pleased to be participating in this hop! There will be some great prizes for you to win along the way, so be sure to check out the list of participants below and go visit them!

What you can win here: an ebook copy of 'A Beautiful Struggle' & an early reader copy of the sequel 'A Beautiful Forever'

Number of winners: 5

Open to (INT, US or US/CAN): International

How to enter: Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post and enter the rafflecopter!

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