I have an exciting Friday feature for you all today - it's a debut novel from author Jennie Jones, who you may have seen around Facebook land lately as she gets involved with other authors and chats about her work. 

Her novel is called The House on Burra Burra Lane and it releases tomorrow - so we're going to see a very excited Jennie! 

Here's all of her info - 

The House on Burra Burra Lane

debut novel by Jennie Jones (Contemporary fiction with romance and humour at heart).

Release date: 1 June 2013 (tomorrow!). Published by Escape Publishing (Harlequin Australia digital-first imprint).

Author Bio:

Born and brought up in Wales, Jennie loved anything with a romantic element from the age of five. At eighteen, she went to drama school in London then spent a number of years performing in British theatres, becoming someone else two hours, eight shows a week.

Jennie wrote her first romance story at the age of twenty five whilst ‘resting’ (a theatrical term for Out of work). She wrote a western and sent if off to Mills & Book in the UK who politely and correctly declined. She put writing to one side after that and took a musical theatre job. Which brings Jennie to her favourite quotation: “Fate keeps on happening.” - Anita Loos.

When Jennie’s life changed and a new country, marriage and motherhood beckoned, she left acting and the UK.

She now lives in Western Australia, a five minute walk to the beach that she loves to look at but hardly ever goes to due to there being too much sand. (Sand is like glitter; once it gets between your toes, you keep finding it in the house for months.)

Jennie returned to writing three years ago. She says it keeps her artistic nature dancing and her imagination bubbling. Like acting, she can’t envisage a day when writing will ever get boring.


A dilapidated house, a city girl looking for a tree change, and a rugged vet with a past. Just another day in rural Australia…

Just ten days after her fresh start in the isolated Snowy Mountains, Samantha Walker trips over a three hundred pound pig and lands in the arms of Dr. Ethan Granger — and the firing line for gossip. It was hardly a ‘date’ but sparks of the sensual kind are difficult to smother in a community of only 87 people. Now there’s a bet running on how long she’ll stay and what she’ll get up to while she’s in town.

Ethan has his own issues — Sammy’s presence in his childhood home brings with it painful recollections of family scandals and a bad‐boy youth. When the gossip around them heightens, his life is suddenly a deck of cards spread on the table for all to see. Then Sammy's past catches up with her... and it looks like all bets are off.


            Sammy threw herself on top of her, lying flat-out. ‘Don’t move. Please don’t move.’ The pig’s body had sunk another four inches already. Sammy petted her nose and spoke softly. ‘Not long, baby. Ethan will be here soon.’


            As though her prayer had been answered, the sound of his ute’s engine sang on the breeze. She couldn’t see over the ridge high above her but she recognised the engine’s hum the way a faithful dog left at home would. And Mrs. Johnson’s 4WD was behind it.


            Both vehicles stopped, engines running. A door slammed, the children’s voices rose, sounding like pleas, and then Ethan’s voice, the low steady timbre telling the children to stay clear.


            ‘Here we go,’ Sammy whispered, and wondered if she was calming Ruby or advising herself to remain controlled when she saw him.


            The ute’s engine purred, then the tow bar came into her view. The door opened and closed. The tarpaulin ruffled on the tray. Some shifting sounds, and his voice again, asking the children to bring his bag.


            Sammy breathed deeply, steadying herself when he stepped to the edge of the ridge.


            The afternoon sunshine shone on his back. The wind billowed his tan checked shirt and blew his sandy hair across his brow. For a moment, he melded with the breeze and the tall gum tree behind him like a painting from another era. A time of bushmen, and horses and roping; the layers of oil on canvas darkened at the edges. The sunshine glistening through the emerald green of the tree branches, resting like a halo on the shoulders of a man at home on the open land.


            Legs akimbo, rescue gear in his hands, he looked as though he could ring any bell in the world.


            Sammy’s heartbeat skittered. She hadn’t seen him or spoken to him since yesterday in the kitchen and hadn’t expected to be in touch with him until … She didn’t know. Didn’t have any idea what would happen between them next.


            He had his gaze on Ruby. Then it moved to Sammy, and his eyes narrowed.


            Ruby shuffled her snout, as though she sensed his presence. She oinked, and wriggled in the mud.

            Sammy put her hands flat on the pig’s midriff, and pushed to keep her still. She glanced up to the ridge again. It was the strangest moment to feel thrilled. She had no right to it, but no matter what he was doing - holding rabbits, patting horses or saving pigs, her heart would always burn with pride at his composure. He was a flagship of strength and her eyes would forever welcome the sight of him.


            She straightened, wanting to meet his eye and let him know it was okay – she wasn’t going to create a fuss or behave in any different way than she had before yesterday. Her hand of friendship was still there, if he wanted it.





Webpage:  http://www.jenniejonesromance.com

Blog: http://www.jenniejonesromance.com/jenniejonesromance-blog.html

Facebook Author Page:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jennie-Jones-Romance-Author/290261037740578?ref=hl

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7067159.Jennie_Jones

Pinterest:  http://www.pinterest.com/jjromance

All where to buy links can be found at Escape Publishing webpage:


Here's the pig she was jumping on in the excerpt. It's a big one!!!
Jennifer E. 

Congratulations to our winner and thank you so much to everyone who participated! 
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It's all to help celebrate the launch of mynew adult romance 'Alter' and it finishes tonight at midnight! 

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Lilliana Anderson is an author of New Adult romances 'A Beautiful Series', 'Alter' and Erotic Biography 'Confidante: The Brothel' 

To connect with Lilliana, visit her Facebook Page, or find her work on Amazon and other popular ebook retailers

I am currently working with Angelien on book two in the Confidante Trilogy - Confidante: The Escort. 

It's due out at the end of June and if you'd like to add it to you TBR list, you can find it on Goodreads HERE 

The cover image will be changing, so stay tuned for a cover reveal during the next week! 

If you haven't even heard of the Confidante Trilogy yet - here is the first book in the series, Confidante: The Brothel - 

Ok, I'll admit it - My mother in law used to be a sex worker. She worked in a brothel, as an escort and, as a madame in and around Sydney Australia in the late '80s. It's something that she has confided in few people outside her immediate family until me. We are polar opposites in many ways but we get each other - as a result I have become the confidante in her life which is how this series has been born. 

The exact year was 1989; Angelien was 32 when she made the decision to enter a brothel to help support herself and her two sons. She quickly became the most popular girl there with her Kathleen Turner looks and her excellent 'acting' skills. 

This is a biography about friendship, discovery and of course sex.

Lilliana Anderson is an author of New Adult romances 'A Beautiful Series', 'Alter' and Erotic Biography 'Confidante: The Brothel' 

To connect with Lilliana, visit her Facebook Page, or find her work on Amazon and other popular ebook retailers

While reading www.news.com.au recently, this article caught my eye. 

It always amazes me that in the year 2013 there is still such a thing as racism and that it is still being taught. 
Teenage girl apologises for racist insult in letter to Adam Goodes
  • by: Jessica Evans, Mark Hayes
  • From: Sunday Herald Sun
  •  May 26, 2013 12:00AM

THE teenager at the centre of the Adam Goodes racism scandal has apologised for "being racist", but the Brownlow medallist she abused does not blame her.

In a remarkable day in Australian sport, AFL greats and players united in their fight against racism, but spoke of their empathy for the girl who caused the furore.

Collingwood fan Julia Surowka, 13, abused Goodes with only minutes to go in Friday night's Indigenous Round game and was ejected from the MCG after a long grilling by Victoria Police.

She told the Sunday Herald Sun she is sorry and will now "think twice", as she did not realise her denigrating comment was a racial slur.

The visibly upset Swans star stormed off the ground after Julia called him an "ape", leaving the rest of his team to celebrate a 47-point win.

Her mother, Joanne Looney, 43, agreed to speak about the incident with her daughter, saying the racist episode had upset the entire family.

In an open letter to Goodes given to the Sunday Herald Sun, Julia apologised for "being racist".

"Dear Adam, it was good to talk to you on the phone. I'm sorry for being racist.

"I didn't mean any harm and now I'll think twice before I speak. From Julia."

Goodes said earlier he was shattered but did not blame the teen.

'Racism had a face ... and it was a 13-year-old girl - but it's not her fault," Goodes said.

Julia spoke to Goodes and Magpie president Eddie McGuire on the phone to apologise for her actions.

Julia Surowka, with her mother Joanne Looney, says she is sorry for ''being racist''. Picture: Jake Nowakowski Source: Herald Sun

She vowed in her conversation with the dual Brownlow medallist and premiership champion she would learn from it.

After telling the Swans forward "I'm the girl who called you the ape yesterday", she apologised.

"I'm sorry for calling you racist names and I'll never do it again," she said of her conversation with Goodes.

"I'm really sorry for what happened. I didn't know it would be offensive."

Goodes explained to the teen why the use of the word "ape" was insulting to indigenous people and she had to learn from her mistake.

The family says a gracious McGuire told the teen she was still part of the Collingwood family.

McGuire says Julia will be welcomed back to Collingwood matches.

The Magpies president was angered and saddened at Friday night's events, but that "evolution, not revolution" was vital in alleviating future racism.

"We've organised counselling services ... for her, her friends and family and we won't be abandoning her," McGuire said.

"We want her to know it's side by side we stick together. You made a blue, but we all do. We're a forgiving club, and we want to make sure that she feels she can come to the football and help her get through this situation.

"I'm sure Adam Goodes will help us in our pursuits.

"It's really important, though, that we remember she's a young girl and not to walk away from education rather than humiliation."

Adam Goodes in the crowd at the St Kilda v Western Bulldogs game at Etihad Stadum. Picture: Colleen Petch Source: Herald Sun

AFL boss Andrew Demetriou described the incident as "extremely disappointing".

Ms Looney is upset by the treatment her daughter had received from MCG security - who told her family to remain seated as they ejected Julia - and police detaining her for what she said was two hours.

"It was ridiculous that she was in there for so long. For two hours they interviewed her over her saying, 'You're an ape'," Ms Looney said.

"I hope it's done and dusted. I think it was blown out, for a 13 year old, it was blown out of proportion. I think she would take it back if she could. I'd just like to apologise to Adam for it being said and apologise to the Collingwood Football Club."

Lucia Reynolds, Julia's grandmother, said they had only started attending the football this season and it had hurt the entire family as well.

"I was totally shocked when she said it," she said.

"Given the circumstances of the Indigenous Round it was not appropriate - it's not just insulting to Adam Goodes, it's insulting to all indigenous people."

Witnesses say angry footy fans booed Julia as she was led from her front-row seat by MCG security.

Nearby spectator James Molony, 23, said the crowd lost interest in the football after the taunt, focusing their energy instead on an "extremely vocal" reaction with lots of swearing.

"It was extremely abusive and on both sides; not just the Sydney supporters, but the Collingwood supporters as well," he said.

"You could see she couldn't get out of the stadium fast enough."

Collingwood ruckman Darren Jolly reportedly comforted Goodes, telling him: "Please don't let one person ruin your leadership this week."

Salvation Army Major Brendan Nottle, who acts as Collingwood's chaplain, said he had offered to talk to the girl and her family to help them cope with social media backlash.

"There absolutely has to be zero tolerance towards that sort of behaviour, but at the same time the girl is 13," he said.

- with Emily Portelli

Read more: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/national-news/victoria/teenage-girl-apologises-for-racist-insult-in-letter-to-adam-goodes/story-fnii5sms-1226650580225#ixzz2UNBoEBtJ
Lilliana Anderson is an author of New Adult romances 'A Beautiful Series', 'Alter' and Erotic Biography 'Confidante: The Brothel' 

You can find her on Amazon, Kobo, B&N or iBooks 

To connect with Lilliana, visit her Facebook Page, or find her work on Amazon and other popular ebook retailers

As you may well be aware by now I get a little obsessed with my TV shows. They're my down time and I love a good series that captures my attention, plus it's the time I set aside to hang out with my hubby every night and chat about what we think will happen next - it can't be books all the time unfortunately! 

Now that most of my favourite shows are finishing up for the season we are in limbo waiting for the Summer schedule to start up. 

I've started watching Kyle XY which is actually a pretty good series - it's had a lot of funny moments in it and I loved the first season, but the second one isn't quite as good as the first so far. BUT it's a great filler show while we wait. 

I found the following post at TV.com and it outlines what shows are coming and when they are airing and thought you might like to check it out too. 

Personally, I'm dying to watch Falling Skies  Hell on Wheels, Breaking Bad and Teen Wolf again - I absolutely love those shows! 

What shows are you looking forward to returning?

Summer 2013 TV Premieres Calendar: What Will You Be Watching?
by TV.com Staff

Look, (most) summer television isn't fun for anyone, but it's coming anyway. You could spend the next three months punching numbers into your remote control like a barbarian, hoping to randomly find something you like, or you could be a civilized human being and look at this labor-intensive schedule that we spent years putting together just for you! Three interns died making this, so don't let their deaths go in vain. 


Arrested Development Season 4 TV.COM PICK! (midnight PST, Netflix)


The Bachelorette Season 9, featuring Desiree Hartsock (8pm, ABC)

The Glades Season 4 (9pm, A&E)

Longmire Season 2 (10pm, A&E)



Produced by CBS News, this six-part documentary series focuses on the work and personal lives of an "eclectic" group of men and women in the Kings County District Attorney's Office. CBS is already making a big deal out of this one, but we expect it to be pretty standard docu-reality fare. 

Extreme Weight Loss (a.k.a. Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition) Season 2 (8pm, ABC)


The American Baking Competition SERIES PREMIERE (8pm, CBS)

Ten amateur bakers compete to win $250,000 in this Americanized take on the U.K.'s The Great British Bakeoff. Jeff Foxworthy hosts, so we can only guess that there will at some point be a challenge involving Redneck Velvet cupcakes.

Melissa and Joey Season 3 (8pm, ABC Family)

Baby Daddy Season 2 (8:30pm, ABC Family)

Dancing Fools SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, ABC Family)

If America's Funniest Home Videos only trafficked in videos of people dancing, it'd be this. Hosted by Baby Daddy's Melissa Peterman. 

What Would You Do? (10pm, ABC)



The Killing Season 3 (8pm, AMC)

The Next Food Network Star Season 9 (9pm, Food Network)

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 (8pm, Bravo)

The Venture Bros. Season 5 TV.COM PICK! (midnight, Adult Swim)


The Fosters SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, ABC Family)

The PSA opportunities abound in this one-hour family drama about a lesbian couple raising a brood comprised of both biological and foster kids.

Mistresses SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, ABC)

Based on the British series that featured Fringe's Anna Torv in a lesbian relationshipwith the mom from Terra Nova, this U.S. remake stars Alyssa Milano, Rochelle Aytes, Yunjin Kim, and Jes Macallan as ladies who have lots of adulterous sex for our entertainment. A soapy page-turner for the summer set.

Push Girls Season 2 (10pm, Sundance)

Teen Wolf Season 3 TV.COM PICK! (10pm, MTV)


America's Got Talent Season 8 (9pm, NBC)

Bang Goes the Theory (9pm, BBC America)

Twisted SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, ABC Family)

A 16-year-old dude whose character description is basically "troubled past!" reconnects with his two female childhood best pals, then becomes a murder suspect when a girl from school is found dead in her home. Plus mysteries! Avian Jogia (VictoriousAliens in America) stars; Denise Richards plays his mom. 

Total Blackout Season 3 (9pm, Syfy)

Exit SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, Syfy)

Teams of two try to escape a series of "mind-bendingly diabolical" rooms in this game show based on the Japanese series Dero!. Okay, but will they have to sniff any butts?


Paranormal Witness Season 3 (10pm, Syfy)

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman Season 4 (10pm, Science)



Another reality competition show. Nine ordinary people take on an "epic" series of physical, mental, and moral challenges designed by host Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and America votes on who should win money and honor and glory and blah blah blah.

Burn Notice Season 7 (9pm, USA)

72 Hours SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, TNT)

This reality competition show (are you sensing a theme yet?) abandons three teams of strangers in the wilderness with a single bottle of water and a GPS tracking device, then gives them three days to find a hidden briefcase containing $100,000. So... The Amazing Race meets Man vs. Wild meets Take the Money and Run meets Survivor


From the creator of White Collar comes this drama with laughs about undercover agents from various government agencies (FBI, DEA, CIA, and more) who live under the same roof in a Souther California beach house. And yes, there's a chore wheel.


This new take on the zombie genre depicts what happens when the dead return from the grave but are allowed to rejoin society instead of endure axes to the head. It's a quick one: just three episodes. 


Continuum Season 3 (10pm, Syfy)


Sinbad U.S. SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, Syfy)

This one-season-and-done British import is a drama about the comedian from Houseguestas he sails the Seven Seas! Oh, I'm wrong. It's about the legendary sailor. 

Primeval: New World U.S. SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, Syfy)

This U.K. series finally lands in the U.S. and follows a group of scientists and animal experts as they defend the world against portal-hopping creatures from the past and future... IN CANADA! This series was also canceled after one season.


The 67th Annual Tony Awards, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris AWARDS SHOW! (8pm, CBS)

Falling Skies Season 3 (10pm, TNT)


Switched at Birth Season 2.5 (8pm, ABC Family)

The Winner Is... SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, NBC)

Yet another weird competition show. Singers of all ages compete in head-to-head vocal duels in front of a panel judges led by an as-yet-unnamed celebrity, but in a "unique twist," before they find out their fate they can negotiate with each other for somebody to leave the show in exchange for a predetermined cash prize. Or something like that. Nick Lachey hosts, and there's a million bucks on the line. Hey NBC, why don't you just make Bamboozled instead?

Major Crimes Season 2 (9pm, TNT)

King & Maxwell SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, TNT)

Jon Tenney and Rebecca Romijn star as the titular characters, whom TNT promises "aren't your typical private investigators" because they're both former Secret Service agents; one is also a former Olympian, and the other had to leave the Secret Service when his charge was assassinated. The network logline praises their "razor-sharp chemistry" but also points out that they "clash over everything," so perhaps they'll rely on their trusty ampersand to rule in cases of marketing dept. contradictions?

The Daily Show with John Oliver KINDA-SORTA SERIES PREMIERE (11pm, Comedy Central)

John Oliver begins his temporary, eight-week reign while John Stewart takes some time off to direct a film. (Stewart will return in September.)


Pretty Little Liars Season 4 (8pm, ABC Family)


Ghost Hunters Season 9.5 (9pm, Syfy)

Royal Pains Season 5 (9pm, USA)

Necessary Roughness Season 3 (10pm, USA)

Deon Cole's Black Box SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, TBS)

The comedian and Conan writer discusses current events and pop culture.


Intervention (9pm, A&E)

Sullivan and Son Season 2 (10pm, TBS)


Magic City Season 2 (9pm, Starz)




2013 Miss USA Competition AWARDS SHOW! (9pm, NBC)

True Blood Season 6 TV.COM PICK! (10pm, HBO)


Franklin & Bash Season 3 (9pm, TNT)

Futurama Season 10 TV.COM PICK! (10pm, Comedy Central)

Hot in Cleveland Season 4.5 (10pm, TV Land)

The Exes Season 3 (10:30pm, TV Land)

The Soul Man Season 2 (11pm, TV Land)


Wilfred Season 3 TV.COM PICK! (10pm, FX)


666 Park Avenue BURNOFF EPISODES! (9pm, ABC)


Crossing Lines SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, NBC)

Donald Sutherland and William Fichtner star in this procedural about a special crime unit that hunts down globe-trotting bad guys for the International Criminal Court.

Whodunnit? SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, ABC)

This reality series is essentially one of the most expensive Dinner and a Murder party games ever, with contestants stuck in a mansion solving fake crimes with high-tech forensic equipment. 

Copper Season 2 (10pm, BBC America)

Drop Dead Diva Season 5 (9pm, Lifetime)

Devious Maids SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, Lifetime)

Once set up at ABC, this sudsy drama from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry follows Hispanic maids in Beverly Hills as they get into naughty business as they attempt to achieve their dreams of being rich like the white people they clean for. 


Under the Dome SERIES PREMIERE  TV.COM PICK! (10pm, CBS)

Based on the Stephen King novel, a small town is completely isolated when a mysterious force field shuts it off from the rest of the world. As the people on the outside struggle to get them out, some on the inside take advantage of the situation. 


Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 (9pm, TNT)

Perception Season 2 (10pm, TNT)

Catfish Season 2 (10pm, MTV)


Big Brother Season 15 (9pm, CBS)




Dexter Season 8 TV.COM PICK! (9pm, Showtime)

Ray Donovan SERIES PREMIERE TV.COM PICK! (10pm, Showtime)

Liev Schreiber stars as the titular Ray, a "fixer" for Hollywood hotshots who can solve any type of problem. But he can't fix the problem of his troublesome dad (Jon Voight), who comes back into Ray's life after a jail term! 



American Ninja Warrior (8pm, NBC)


What happens when a reality show that sends 16 people into the Siberian wasteland goes very, very wrong? This scripted series will tell us. 



Ricky Gervais is behind this comedy that stars little-person actor Warwick Davis as he tries to get a sequel to Willow made. 


Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, NBC)

It's basically Survivor, but with Bear Grylls there to help contestants make it through the wilds of New Zealand instead of that useless, condescending Jeff Probst. 

Dangerman: The Incredible Mr. Goodwin SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, BBC America)

If the title is to be believed, this reality series will be dangerous AND incredible (Mr. Goodwin is apparently "a new breed of escapologist and a professional dangerman," and the show will go behind the scenes of a bunch of his public stunts). 



The latest great-looking series from FX is a crime drama about a pair of detectives–one American and one Mexican–tracking a serial killer that murders on both sides of the border. Diane Kruger and Demián Bichir star.


A freshly divorced summer-camp director (Six Feet Under's Rachel Griffiths) goes back to work with a bunch of college-aged counselors, kid-aged campers, and that rival camp from across the lake!


Orange Is the New Black SERIES PREMIERE TV.COM PICK! (midnight PST, Netflix)

Jenji Kohan (Weeds) adapted Piper Kerman's memoir about her time spent in a women's prison and the unlikely friendships made inside.

Summer Camp SERIES PREMIERE (8pm, USA)

Not to be confused with NBC's Camp (see July 10), this is a reality competition show bringing 16 adults from all walks of life together to relive their days at summer camp.

Hollywood Game Night SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, NBC)

Jane Lynch hosts this gathering of "A-list" celebrities (we'll see about that, NBC) who gather around to play games with each other. It's based on the real-life game nights hosted by producer and NBC star Sean Hayes. At last! An honest look into the private lives of celebrities!


Comedy Bang! Bang! Season 2 TV.COM PICK! (10pm, IFC)


Being Human U.K. Season 5 (10pm, BBC America)


The Newsroom Season 2 (10pm, HBO)


Whose Line Is It Anyway? REBOOT SERIES PREMIERE TV.COM PICK! (8pm, The CW)

The long-running and consistently hilarious improv "game show" comes back from the dead via the home of Gossip Girl. Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and Wayne Brady return, but since Drew Carey is off debating the prices of dishwashers with penny-pinchers, Aisha Tyler (Archer) takes over as host.

Perfect Score SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, The CW)

What happens when you smash Deal Or No Deal and The Dating Game together? This very summery reality competition show! Two contestants take compatibility tests with 12 singles of the opposite sex, and the contestant who picks their best match wins cash and a date with the match and then they fall in love and get married and have kids and grow old together. Or they give each other handies in the parking lot and never see each other again.

Covert Affairs Season 4 (9pm, USA)

Joe Rogan Questions Everything SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, Syfy)

Joe Rogan once uncovered the truth about Carlos Mencia's joke-stealing ways, and now he'll uncover the truth about paranormal activity! Why? Because he's Joe Rogan, that's why!

Killer Contact (formerly Notorious Hauntings) SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, Syfy)

Another one of Syfy's paranormal investigation shows, this time with the gullible ghost hunters checking out historical sites around the globe and cracking the backstory behind disgusting crimes. This season the team will investigate Jack the Ripper, Vlad the Impaler, and the Borgias.

Suits Season 3 TV.COM PICK! (10pm, USA)

Deal With It SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, TBS)

This hidden-camera reality show lets unsuspecting participants prank their friends with no time to prepare. How hilarious!


2013 ESPY Awards AWARDS SHOW! SPORTS! (6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern, ESPN)


Breaking Pointe Season 2 (9pm, The CW)


Web Therapy Season 3 (11pm, Showtime)


The Vineyard SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, ABC Family)

A bunch of kids live in Martha's Vineyard and cameras follow them. Next!

Haunted Highway Season 3 (10pm, Syfy)


Animation Domination High-Def SERIES PREMIERE TV.COM PICK! NEW BLOCK! (11pm, Fox)

This crazy block of insane cartoons will totally trip you out, man. Featuring the television adaptation of Axe Cop.

Unforgettable Season 2 (9pm, CBS)


The Writers' Room SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, Sundance)

Each week, Community's Jim Rash hosts this roundtable discussion featuring the writers of popular shows, such as Breaking BadGame of Thrones, and New Girl.


Capture (formerly The Hunt) SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, The CW)

Do you like The Hunger Games but not like the slaughter of children? This reality competition series puts 12 teams of two into an enclosed area in the wilderness where they live for a month and compete for resources. The winner gets a lot of cash, the losers DIE.



The Awesomes SERIES PREMIERE (Hulu)

A team of semi-superheroes are the subject of this Hulu-exclusive animated series from Seth Meyers.


Hell on Wheels Season 3 (9pm, AMC)


Broadchurch U.S. SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, BBC America)

All you need to know is that this stars David Tennant (Doctor Who). But if you want to know more, it's like a British The Killing with Tennant starring as a cop investigating the murder of an 11-year-old boy on the beach of Dorset. 


The White Queen SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, Starz)

This period piece plops viewers down in 1464 England and follows three potential queens—Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort, and Anne Neville—as they each try to grab the crown. There will be betrayal and murder.


Teen Choice 2013 AWARDS SHOW! (8pm, Fox)

Breaking Bad Season 5.5/6 TV.COM PICK! (9pm, AMC)


Based on the British series of the same name, the latest from AMC follows a Detroit cop who gets pulled into the criminal underworld after he kills a fellow pig.

Talking Bad SERIES PREMIERE (11pm, AMC)

As Talking Dead is to The Walking DeadTalking Bad is to Breaking Bad.


Owner's Manual SERIES PREMIERE (9pm, AMC)

In this reality series, two men will take different approaches to operate some heavy-duty machinery. One will go by the book and read the owner's manual, and the other will be a MAN and just dive right in without any help.

The Pitch Season 2 (10pm, AMC)


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Face Off Season 5 (9pm, Syfy)

Cosworld SERIES PREMIERE (10pm, Syfy)

Syfy takes a look into the world of cosplay—the hobby/lifestyle of dressing up as famous fictional characters.

It's Sunday afternoon in Australia so it's time for a bit of a sneak peek at my most recent book available on Amazon and Kobo for only 99cents until the end of May. 

Here's a short excerpt - 

“Mia, I think you’ve waited long enough,” he said, his tone soft and reassuring as she handed back his phone. She’d tried to call Eric four times in the last twenty minutes and reached nothing but an inactive mailbox.

She had been waiting for him to show up for two and a half hours, and after witnessing the frustration and disappointment on her face while she tried in vain to contact Eric, Cayd didn’t want her to wait any longer. She was only upsetting herself.

“She must have figured out I was going to meet him,” Mia said quietly.

“Come, I’ll buy you dinner. We can figure out our next move there,” Cayd said, inclining his head to entice her to walk with him. 

Nodding, Mia stood up from the table and followed beside him as they exited the coffee shop.

“I noticed a pub down the road a bit, we can walk there if you’d like?”

Nodding again, Mia followed along beside him, even taking his elbow when he offered it to her, sliding her own arm through the crook of his and leaning into him a little for support. So grateful right now that she wasn’t doing this on her own anymore.

As they rounded the corner, the pub’s beer garden came into view and the sounds of happy dinner time chatter filtered through the air towards them. Mia found herself scanning the tables with interest, noting how each person seemed ecstatically happy compared to her own internal turmoil. Especially the couple in the corner that looked so familiar to her that she almost stopped walking and stared.

“Keep walking Cayd,” she insisted as her heart started to thud in her chest, her coffee filled stomach, swirling uneasily.

“Why?” he asked, following her gaze and raising his eyebrows as realisation dawned on him. “Oh wow, that’s her, and is that - ?”

Lilliana Anderson is an author of New Adult romances 'A Beautiful Series', 'Alter' and Erotic Biography 'Confidante: The Brothel' 

To connect with Lilliana, visit her Facebook Page, or find her work on Amazon and other popular ebook retailers

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Alter is still only 99cents until the end of May - grab your copy before the sale is over!

US LINK http://www.amazon.com/Alter-ebook/dp/B00CQMNYZI/ref=pd_rhf_dp_p_t_1_WCEK

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Today I have Imogene Nix joining me to share a little bit about her book Blame The Wine. Below is the blur

Blame The Wine

Cara and Dillon, two clueless lovers are on their last chance get a little a little help…of the supernatural kind.

Cara is stuck. A job going nowhere and a hankering for the sexy gorgeous boss who doesn’t even know she exists. Fate, in the guise of a temp position arrives…Where will it lead?

Dillon is a geek. No other word could possibly describe him. He may be sexy and super brainy, but he’s totally clueless with women and especially the sexy plus size Cara. But when his PA takes emergency leave before her wedding, the luscious Cara is the best applicant for the position. It’s an opportunity he can’t pass up.

What will happen when two clueless, wannabe lovers get a little divine intervention?

A mother of two, compulsive reader and bookstore owner. She lives in regional Queensland, Australia with her husband, 2 daughters, dog, cats and prize winning chooks. She has a particular fondness for Vampires, Star Ship Captains and things that go bump in the night.

She is also a firm believer in writing what you enjoy… something she strictly adheres to!

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ImogeneNix

Your blog or site: www.imogenenix.com  www.imogenenix.blogspot.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ImogeneNix

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5580875.Imogene_Nix

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_at_ep_srch?_encoding=UTF8&sort=relevancerank&search-alias=books&field-author=Imogene%20Nix

Today I have a very special guest for you all - Lily Malone is an Aussie author I met through one of my beta readers and good friend, Marion (www.makingmanuscripts.com.au). 

We hit if off immediately because, well - she's a Lily, I'm a Lilli, plus we both released books with the word Beautiful in the title on the same day in March. We were obviously meant to know each other!

She also had a bit of a rewrite/editing race with me while I wrote Alter and she wrote The Goodbye Ride - so of course I was more that happy to host her to help celebrate her new release!! 

(Which by the way is currently FREE - can't get better than that right???) 

Here's a bit about her book, herself AND you get an excerpt too - just in case you weren't convinced you should go and get it when I mentioned the price! 

The Goodbye Ride

Lily Malone

Olivia Murphy is a woman on a mission. Gracing the front lawn of a house in her Adelaide Hills hometown sits the classic Ducati motorbike that once belonged to her brother, a For Sale sign by the tyre.

Liv wants to buy the precious bike and bring it back into her family, and she wants the ink dry on the paperwork before the approaching holiday weekend.

One person stands in her way.

Owen Carson likes rare and beautiful things and he has the Ducati in his sights. Then he meets Liv, and finds his heart captured by beauty of a far different kind.

What will Olivia do to make the Ducati hers? And can Owen convince Liv he wants more than a holiday fling?

About the author

Lily Malone is a journalist and freelance writer who discovered after years of writing facts for a living, writing romance was much more fun.

The Goodbye Ride novella is her second release in 2013 and is inspired by her husband's life-long love of Ducati bikes, 650 Pantahs in particular! 

Her first full-length contemporary romance, His Brand Of Beautiful, was released by Escape Publishing in March and has received great reviews from Australian and international readers with Lily's dialogue and descriptive prose getting special mention. 

Lily juggles writing with the needs of a young family, and when she isn’t writing, she likes gardening, walking, wine, and walking in gardens (sometimes with wine).

Social media:

You can visit Lily at her blog, www.lilymalone.wordpress.com

Or find her on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lily.malone.313

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6936715.Lily_Malone

The Goodbye Ride

Buy link: http://www.amazon.com/The-Goodbye-Ride-ebook/dp/B00CV2MGCK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1368964967&sr=8-1&keywords=the+goodbye+ride

The Goodbye Ride


Liv shut the door behind them. 

For a moment she rested there, glad for the solid surface at her back—a plank of proof that the night wasn’t a dream. Owen’s shoulders blocked the corridor ahead, his dark mass coloured by the streetlights that wavered through the glass. 

“So,” she said, on a shaky breath. “Coffee?” 

“Fuck coffee,” he growled, reaching for her.

Liv flowed into his big, beautiful arms. 

She knew that they circled slowly, and she knew when the room stilled—Owen’s shoulders against the wall and her leg caught over his thigh. Long seconds ticked by, marked only by the sound of rhythmic breathing, sprinting hearts, and the intoxicating scent of an aftershave that reminded her of pine needles over snow.

Then Owen moved. He lifted his thigh, taking her weight on the big muscle of his leg so that it made achingly sweet contact with her mound. Pools of thick, liquid heat rippled low in her stomach. She squeezed against him, making that ride more of a slow grind.

Owen’s groan of response broke the shackles. 

Her free hand stole up his shoulders, skimmed the hair at the back of his head and drew his mouth to hers. Liv opened her mouth to taste him, desperate to deepen the kiss. Soft, mewing sounds vibrated at the back of her throat and when his tongue stroked hers, she thought she might explode. Explode, or faint. Or fall off his thigh—now unerringly targeting her most sensitive parts.

“Liv Murphy,” he breathed raggedly, releasing her lips but not relaxing the exquisite pressure between her legs. “If you knew what you do to me…”

“I thought we weren’t…oh… going riding tonight,” Liv breathed, using her grip on his shoulders to shunt herself higher and feeling for the first time, the powerful erection that thrust between them.