The problems with KDP rectified themselves within an hour yesterday so the first chapter of 'What Might Have Been' is up. It will be free on Sunday (4th Nov) so please have a read and tell me what you think!

If you want to read it, and you don't have  kindle, you can download the kindle app for PC or smart phone, failing that, you can contact me and I will send you a copy in your preferred formatt.

Confidante: The Escort news - Angelien and I have a planned meeting today further map out the book - we have a rough draft of what stories are going in there, but it needs some polishing so we don't mess the time line up!

Take care to everyone out there - I hope all of my US readers are safe from the hurricane! To everyone else - have a great halloween (if you celebrate it) my kids are all very excited as they have a party to go to this afternoon; I can expect some very hyperactive children tonight!

Lilli xoxoxox




Well, my first chapter is ready to go up onto kindle for my romance/drama 'What might have been' (god I need a new title for it! help!) I am excited and nervous to put it out there BUT kdp is stuck in conversion mode! Arg!  I will just have to wait it out and post here as soon as it is up, then I can let you know when the first promo day is happening so you can take a look.

I had lunch with Angelien today and she is pretty excited to start writing The Escort as well as her memoirs - for everyone who was disappointed 'the brothel' ended so soon, take heart - the Escort will be double in length as it took place over a longer period of time.

Talk soon
Lilli xoxoxox

I'm really happy today because my self imposed break from writing is over, and I can go on without guilt; my routines are in place, and as long as I follow them, I (hopefully) won't miss anything important! Ah the life of a wife/mother/writer - there isn't much time left between caring for everyone, our home, exercise and writing. Angelien worries that I might burn myself out, but I know I'll be fine; I just need to be VERY organised.

Today has been filled with children's things and visits, so my writing time isn't scheduled until tonight when the children are in bed and hubby is at work - my fingers itch, my characters are knocking on the walls of my head, and I have a hefty supply of coffee!

If you have been reading my recent blog posts you will know that I am working on a romance/drama right now. I will start posting some excerpts up soon and putting the chapters up on Amazon for you all to read as I write it. I would love to get some feedback on it as I go along so keep a eye on this blog for the free days.

Confidante: The Escort is coming - it has been time lined and Angelien has started writing her memories down, she just has some family matters to attend to interstate before we start writing together again. I will let you know how she is progressing as we go along.

In the meantime, I will keep you updated on how my story is going - I really don't like it's working title at the moment so I am hoping that as you all read along, one of you might have a better idea for me.

Anyway! I have rambled enough and need to get back to my family. It's almost dinner time here in Australia, so we are winding down for the day.

Bye for now!

Lilli xoxoxo

Today is my last day of reading and relaxing before I get back on the writing wagon and I can't wait! I promised myself, my husband and Angelien that I would take a week off writing (but between you and me I failed - I caved in to my itching finger tips and wrote for an hour yesterday - shhh!).

I am currently reading the first book in Sylvia Day's Crossfire trilogy - I'm fairly absorbed so it's keeping my mind off my own story for a while.

I find it amazing though, how the people that you create keep teasing your mind with their presence - it's like they are trapped in there desperate to get out and live their lives in the pages of your story...

I will be doing 'read as I write' again on Amazon so I should release the first chapter within the next couple of weeks.

 Confidante The Brothel           Ebook US           Ebook UK

If you follow me on twitter and facebook you will already know this but I thought I should blog that my book is free on amazon for ONE DAY ONLY!!! so grab your copy now, Amazon resets at 4am US est which is 7pm if you are in Australia - so there are only 6hrs left of this great freebie.

And... if you like it, or even if you don't, please leave a review for me - or contact me with your feedback, it will help make better books in the future!

Love Ya!
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                        Confidante The Brothel                                   Ebook US     Ebook UK

It has been five days since Confidante launched, and both Angelien and I feel lost without it. We decided to take a week off writing together after pushing so hard to get The Brothel ready in time. Instead of rejoicing in our free time though - our fingers are itching to continue.

I have had a story that I have been working on sporadically for a while now that I want to finish, and Angelien wants to get started on her memoirs and The Escort. I saw her today, and our conversation went a little like this.

A "Do you feel lost now?"

L "What? Without the book?"

A "Yes! I feel like I am in mourning!"

L "Me too! And I don't have any energy anymore - it's like I put everything I had into the book, and now I am spent"

A "Me too! I think we need to start writing again"

L "I agree. I don't think I can function without it anymore"

A lot of agreeing went on in that conversation! But it gave us the push we needed to make a plan to spend the weekend sorting our houses out and implementing a new routine that melds our real-life responsibilities with our writing. So I feel better now and I'm sure she does too - I am really looking forward to getting back into a story. I am not coping without it!!

Does anyone else get like this?

Lilli xoxoxoxo

I thought I might talk about a couple of the hurdles I have encountered trying to get Confidante: The Brothel noticed. 

Our first hurdle, we seem to be trapped between two genres. Confidante is a biography that features a lot of sex - some people consider it to be erotica- I personally don't; it isn't vivid enough for that - plus it isn't fiction.

Our second hurdle, getting reviewers/ blogs to feature us - people who review biographies don't want to review it because there is too much sex; people who review chic lit, erotica, romance, etc. don't want to review it because they don't do biographies.   

I  may have to market it to them a little differently perhaps. Persistence is the key here I think! 

I do have to say though - despite the difficulty with blog reviews, I am happy with how my efforts have been rewarded so far as we are slowly having our sales tick over - I really didn't expect any at this early stage. We have had a lot of help on twitter via retweets and mentions from others and there has been a fair amount of support on facebook as well. 

So thank you to those who noticed us! Just be ready for lots of harassing from me via social media!

Love to my readers!

Lilli xoxoxox

It's strange, I have been working solidly on Confidante: The Brothel for months now and suddenly all of the build up of releasing the book is finished and I am left feeling a little bereft - my baby is out in the world doing it's thing and it doesn't need me anymore. I am left in a supportive role for now, saying nice things about it and congratulating it on a job well done - but it's not with me any more. Does that make sense?

you can buy Confidante: The Brothel online at Amazon
The wonderful thing about an online launch party is that you don't have to clean up afterwards - it is as simple as closing a tab when it is over.

Our party went for nine hours and we had lots of drop ins and sparked some great conversations. I am sooooooooo grateful to all of those who came and participated and even brought a book.

Angelien and I are really proud of our book and it was amazing for us to have people come and visit us over the last 9 hrs.

Thanks again! Now, back to normal life.

Lilliana xoxoxo
There are still a couple of hours left for the lauch party - Angelien and I are standing by to chat - you can read back on what has happened so far; we have had some wonderful contributors so far!

Don't forget to enter the raffle for your chance to win print & ebook copies of Confidante: The Brothel as well as a $25 amazon gift card!
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