Please allow me to interrupt my current promo schedule for Alter as I gush a little over this show... Ok, you got me, I just want to gush over Stephen Amell, who is undoubtedly the hottest man on my 'Hot Guy List' right now (yes, I do have one - it's taped to my fridge...) 

Something about a man who has a body like that and does all of his own stunts gets me very involved in a show. 

I love a good comic character brought to life on screen and love this take on the Green Arrow. He's so much darker than the way they portrayed the character on Smallville and I've always LOVED that the Green Arrow doesn't have any super powers - he's just fucking awesome all on his own! 
So, I got to watch the season one finale last night and it opened with Oliver (Amell's character) all chained up after getting captured by his nemisis and best friend's father! Wha! How's he going to get out of this!?! 
Like that! That's how! Oh fan me please - I'm all hot and bothered! 

From there he goes out to warn everyone about the evil plot about to unfold and try to somehow stop it. 

I'm not going to give too much away for those who haven't watched the series yet. But, I breathed a sigh of relief at one point and then yelled NOOOOOOO at another. This was an awesome finale and if you don't mind spoilers and want a more descriptive breakdown of the episode visit

Anyway, now I won't get my weekly Arrow fix for a good six months until series two starts up again. 

*sigh* love that show. Lust after that man.

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