These days, when I pick up an book, I pretty much always choose romance. I rarely read any other genre, just because I love, love, love reading about people and their journey toward each other, as well as the almost guaranteed happy ending. 

When I watch a movie, however, I tend to steer clear of romance because in the short amount of time they have for a movie - they just don't seem to cover the story enough for me. I want more, I want to know more. So I stick to action, paranormal etc when I select a movie. 

I do have one exception to this rule though, I watched this with my mother when I was about fourteen. I was very sick at the time and it was so lovely, that I cried - I NEVER cry in movies. I find this love story really beautiful. It's the Cary Grant and Derorah Kerr version of An Affair to Remember. 

I still watch it when I'm sick, and it always makes me feel better! 

I found this trailer for it on YouTube - it's not the best quality, but I thought I'd share, funny how different trailers were 

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