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I like to keep my new book prices low as a thank you to all of my early readers, so book two - A Beautiful Forever will continue to stay at 99cents until it's first three months are up. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful Easter weekend! 

PS I finished Alter's first draft last night, so keep an eye out for a couple of teasers over the next week while I read through it! 

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Well for me it is anyway, I have been hoping for reviews for some time now and finally they are coming in. 

This week I have gotten my first Amazon review for Confidante: The Brothel - 5 stars, thank you very much :) 

as well as 2 advanced release reviews of A Beautiful Struggle - one 5 star and one 4 star - both I am more than happy with as the readers got things out of the book that I was aiming for. 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that decides to review my work - it means so much when I get to see why someone enjoyed my work. So thank you, thank you, thank you! 
Just before midnight tonight I thought I would check on my sales rankings for Confidante: The Brothel and was very surprised to see that I was ranked #1 in both Australian Drama & Australian Biographies on Amazon - I was very proud and went onto hootsuite to have a little blow of my own trumpet. 

While I was there I got a ping from my email program telling me that I had new mail - I went and checked and the email was from one of my Beta readers, telling me how much she enjoyed reading A Beautiful Struggle and that she loved Elliot's character - so now, at 12:23am; I am feeling very happy with myself and blogging instead of sleeping. 

It all just makes all that hard work SO worth it! 

Lilli xoxox
I have to admit that I am enjoying this run through of A Beautiful Struggle especially chapter 3 - great things happen in chapter 3 and I have been trying to decide what I wanted to share with you without giving away too much. 

Eventually I decided that I would introduce you to Katrina's best friend David, they have been joined at the hip since they started school together as kids and now attend university together with similar end goals in mind. 
David met me on my way to the lecture rooms; we had made sure that we booked all of our law classes together so we could help each other out. “Hey babe! Did you sort everything out with your mum?”

“Yeah I did, thanks. What’s with calling me ‘babe’? Isn’t that your generic name for the girls you date so you don’t have to remember who you’re with?” I teased as I elbowed him playfully in his side.

He reached his arm around my shoulders and hugged me to him good-humouredly “I could never forget you Katrina – you’re the sole reason I get up every morning.” He told me solemnly.

“You’re an idiot” I laughed, “Did you get all of your reading done?”

“Yes! And my eyes are burning from working so hard – seriously; it's a full-time job keeping up with them! I might have to take a speed-reading course or something”

“You know, if you didn’t spend so much time at my place or going out with your girlfriends – you’d find it a lot easier.”

“This is true my dear Trina, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and mine wants good company in the form of my best friend and good sex in the form of a willing but not too clingy partner.”

“Eloquently put” I told him as we rounded the corner and entered the lecture room to take our seats, David turned around and started chatting up the girl sitting behind us, and I unpacked my things and turned my mobile phone to silent.

The lecture started and we dutifully took notes and asked appropriate questions. After this we had a short break which we are spending in the library – me studying, David socialising; he drives me mad with this as I work so much harder than he does, and he’s the one that gets the better marks. Almost every assignment comes back with a Distinction or High Distinction for him while I tend to get Credits with the occasional Distinction thrown in when I am lucky. 

After the library, we had to part ways, David had a commerce lecture because he does a commerce/law degree, and I had a humanities tutorial because I study humanities/law, so this is an area where we both have to go solo.

“We still painting the town red after work tomorrow night?” he asked me before heading off.

“Absolutely, I want to go to check some of the bars out at Darling Harbour.”

“Sounds like a plan, I’ll pick you up from your work, and we’ll walk down together”

“Cool, see you then”

“Bye Babe” he said mischievously.

“Har har har, go to class” I told him as I watched him walk away laughing to himself.