I  have just updated both A Beautiful Struggle's and Confidante: The Brothel's facebook pages with a couple of 4 & 5 star reviews that have come in - I'm really pleased that people are enjoying my work! Check out what they have to say if you have a moment.

If you are interested you can get free copies of both books if you Enter the Competition on my home page. 

If you really want to read Confidante: The Brothel right now you can visit Amazon US   Amazon UK to get yourself a copy. 

A Beautiful Struggle is due to release on New Years Day - but if you can't wait that long Contact Me as I am currently giving away review copies for honest reviews on Goodreads. 
Well for me it is anyway, I have been hoping for reviews for some time now and finally they are coming in. 

This week I have gotten my first Amazon review for Confidante: The Brothel - 5 stars, thank you very much :) 

as well as 2 advanced release reviews of A Beautiful Struggle - one 5 star and one 4 star - both I am more than happy with as the readers got things out of the book that I was aiming for. 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that decides to review my work - it means so much when I get to see why someone enjoyed my work. So thank you, thank you, thank you! 
Just before midnight tonight I thought I would check on my sales rankings for Confidante: The Brothel and was very surprised to see that I was ranked #1 in both Australian Drama & Australian Biographies on Amazon - I was very proud and went onto hootsuite to have a little blow of my own trumpet. 

While I was there I got a ping from my email program telling me that I had new mail - I went and checked and the email was from one of my Beta readers, telling me how much she enjoyed reading A Beautiful Struggle and that she loved Elliot's character - so now, at 12:23am; I am feeling very happy with myself and blogging instead of sleeping. 

It all just makes all that hard work SO worth it! 

Lilli xoxox
The Confidante Trilogy is a biographical series about Angelien. 

Angelien is my mother-in-law and she has led a very fascinating life, one that could ultimately fuel a soap opera's story line for years! 

The Confidante Trilogy only focuses on a very small portion of her life - the time when she was a sex worker. It is broken up into 3 books covering her time working in a brothel, then as an escort and ultimately as the madame of her own escort agency. 

Confidante Book One - The Brothel, is available now. In it we visit Angelien's most memorable clients from her month working in a brothel. 

But why did she enter the brothel? You may ask, well, Angelien was a single mother struggling to make ends meet. She was tired of not being able to give her boys the things they wanted and she was tired of sitting on the floor as they had little furniture. Selling her body was a small price to pay to ensure her children could enjoy the small things that other's seemed to take for granted. 

So what is different about Confidante: The Brothel from all the other sex worker biographies out there? Well, instead of telling it like a memory, we tell it like a story. We go into detail about the sex and the people involved so you feel like you are actually there. 

Confidante: The Brothel is available exclusively to Amazon Kindle - 

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Confidante: The Brothel is going on Tour!! You can visit my tour page here CONFIDANTE BLOG TOUR to check out where I will be and what we will be talking about! 
I wish this was me today, laying about with a book (or an ereader) napping here and there but alas I have a bucket load of stuff to do and that is all before I even get to start writing - sigh!

For everyone who will get a chance to lay around and read this weekend you might want to have a look at Confidante: The Brothel, it's an erotic biography about the month my mother in law (of all people!) spend working in a Sydney brothel back in 1989 (yes people were having sex back then too!) 
                          US LINK      UK LINK

For everyone who has already read Confidante: The Brothel, Angelien is typing away as we speak! She has a long list of clients that she will be telling me about so I can turn it all into a story. I will hopefully have a preliminary list for you all sometime next week. 

I am now 12000 words into What Might Have Been, I have no idea how big this book is going to get because there is a lot yet to happen. I will hopefully have chapter two up and ready for you to read in the next 24hrs. 
In the meantime here is Chapter One it will be available for free on Sunday US EST time from 4am (7pm Sunday for my fellow Aussies) - when you have read it, let me know what you think so far, it's all in draft form at the moment but I love to share and get feedback from non family/friends! 

Off to be a responsible adult now - have a great day!

Lilli xoxoxox

I was busy tapping away at 'What might have been' today and thought that it might be nice if I showed you were the book is set. The first chapter is up on Amazon right now >>HERE<< and it introduces us to the main characters Katrina & Elliot as well as a few of the supporting characters.

The primary setting for this book is within a law office in one of the more modern buildings of Martin Place, Sydney (Pictured left). I love this part of Sydney, I used to have to walk through here on my way to work when I was younger and loved the older style buildings so I couldn't help but use it in my story.

On to other things - Angelien has sent me through a new beginning to Confidante: The Brothel, she felt that she needed to explain how she got to the point of needing money so badly that she was willing to sell her body for it and I have to agree that it would make a welcome edition to the early part of the book.

As soon as I have finished with it I will post it here on my blog for everyone to read who already has a copy of the book.

I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year, if you're interested in writing a novel this month then please join in and add me as your writing buddy. The more the merrier!

Time to get typing!
Lilli xoxoxo

I thought I might talk about a couple of the hurdles I have encountered trying to get Confidante: The Brothel noticed. 

Our first hurdle, we seem to be trapped between two genres. Confidante is a biography that features a lot of sex - some people consider it to be erotica- I personally don't; it isn't vivid enough for that - plus it isn't fiction.

Our second hurdle, getting reviewers/ blogs to feature us - people who review biographies don't want to review it because there is too much sex; people who review chic lit, erotica, romance, etc. don't want to review it because they don't do biographies.   

I  may have to market it to them a little differently perhaps. Persistence is the key here I think! 

I do have to say though - despite the difficulty with blog reviews, I am happy with how my efforts have been rewarded so far as we are slowly having our sales tick over - I really didn't expect any at this early stage. We have had a lot of help on twitter via retweets and mentions from others and there has been a fair amount of support on facebook as well. 

So thank you to those who noticed us! Just be ready for lots of harassing from me via social media!

Love to my readers!

Lilli xoxoxox

The party page is set up! Click our Home tab to take a look.

There is a great raffle, and you can follow along on twitter to see what we are chatting about.

It looks like it will be a great day - we are going to release some of the removed sections of the book - some will be raunchy; some will be informative. Plus we are going to chat back and forth and be available for questions.

I'm looking forward to it! Now I just have to figure out how to use hootsuite???

I have uploaded the full ebook to amazon and I have uploaded the print version to Lulu - it's all happening! Watch this space for links when Confidante: The Brothel goes live!

See you at the party!

Lilli xoxox
Right at this very moment I am prepping Confidante: The Brothel for kindle e-books, I have embedded a font in the document, so I am really hoping that it works when it transfers over - I will check as soon as I am done.

I am still organising reviewers and blog tours - if you have a blog and want to feature Confidante: The Brothel let me know, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I spent the day with Angelien and our editor today, doing one last check. We are crossing our fingers that we haven't missed anything epic at this point as we have been very thorough in the hopes we don't get flamed online!

We have also been working on our launch party details. We have planned to do a question and answer session with Angelien, release a sneak peak of the first client in Confidante: The Escort  as well as our aforementioned raffle.

Anyway, I am off; I have to get this e-book finished.

Lilli xoxox