Well for me it is anyway, I have been hoping for reviews for some time now and finally they are coming in. 

This week I have gotten my first Amazon review for Confidante: The Brothel - 5 stars, thank you very much :) 

as well as 2 advanced release reviews of A Beautiful Struggle - one 5 star and one 4 star - both I am more than happy with as the readers got things out of the book that I was aiming for. 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that decides to review my work - it means so much when I get to see why someone enjoyed my work. So thank you, thank you, thank you! 
The Confidante Trilogy is a biographical series about Angelien. 

Angelien is my mother-in-law and she has led a very fascinating life, one that could ultimately fuel a soap opera's story line for years! 

The Confidante Trilogy only focuses on a very small portion of her life - the time when she was a sex worker. It is broken up into 3 books covering her time working in a brothel, then as an escort and ultimately as the madame of her own escort agency. 

Confidante Book One - The Brothel, is available now. In it we visit Angelien's most memorable clients from her month working in a brothel. 

But why did she enter the brothel? You may ask, well, Angelien was a single mother struggling to make ends meet. She was tired of not being able to give her boys the things they wanted and she was tired of sitting on the floor as they had little furniture. Selling her body was a small price to pay to ensure her children could enjoy the small things that other's seemed to take for granted. 

So what is different about Confidante: The Brothel from all the other sex worker biographies out there? Well, instead of telling it like a memory, we tell it like a story. We go into detail about the sex and the people involved so you feel like you are actually there. 

Confidante: The Brothel is available exclusively to Amazon Kindle - 

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Confidante: The Brothel is going on Tour!! You can visit my tour page here CONFIDANTE BLOG TOUR to check out where I will be and what we will be talking about!