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Well for me it is anyway, I have been hoping for reviews for some time now and finally they are coming in. 

This week I have gotten my first Amazon review for Confidante: The Brothel - 5 stars, thank you very much :) 

as well as 2 advanced release reviews of A Beautiful Struggle - one 5 star and one 4 star - both I am more than happy with as the readers got things out of the book that I was aiming for. 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that decides to review my work - it means so much when I get to see why someone enjoyed my work. So thank you, thank you, thank you! 
I have to admit that I am enjoying this run through of A Beautiful Struggle especially chapter 3 - great things happen in chapter 3 and I have been trying to decide what I wanted to share with you without giving away too much. 

Eventually I decided that I would introduce you to Katrina's best friend David, they have been joined at the hip since they started school together as kids and now attend university together with similar end goals in mind. 
David met me on my way to the lecture rooms; we had made sure that we booked all of our law classes together so we could help each other out. “Hey babe! Did you sort everything out with your mum?”

“Yeah I did, thanks. What’s with calling me ‘babe’? Isn’t that your generic name for the girls you date so you don’t have to remember who you’re with?” I teased as I elbowed him playfully in his side.

He reached his arm around my shoulders and hugged me to him good-humouredly “I could never forget you Katrina – you’re the sole reason I get up every morning.” He told me solemnly.

“You’re an idiot” I laughed, “Did you get all of your reading done?”

“Yes! And my eyes are burning from working so hard – seriously; it's a full-time job keeping up with them! I might have to take a speed-reading course or something”

“You know, if you didn’t spend so much time at my place or going out with your girlfriends – you’d find it a lot easier.”

“This is true my dear Trina, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and mine wants good company in the form of my best friend and good sex in the form of a willing but not too clingy partner.”

“Eloquently put” I told him as we rounded the corner and entered the lecture room to take our seats, David turned around and started chatting up the girl sitting behind us, and I unpacked my things and turned my mobile phone to silent.

The lecture started and we dutifully took notes and asked appropriate questions. After this we had a short break which we are spending in the library – me studying, David socialising; he drives me mad with this as I work so much harder than he does, and he’s the one that gets the better marks. Almost every assignment comes back with a Distinction or High Distinction for him while I tend to get Credits with the occasional Distinction thrown in when I am lucky. 

After the library, we had to part ways, David had a commerce lecture because he does a commerce/law degree, and I had a humanities tutorial because I study humanities/law, so this is an area where we both have to go solo.

“We still painting the town red after work tomorrow night?” he asked me before heading off.

“Absolutely, I want to go to check some of the bars out at Darling Harbour.”

“Sounds like a plan, I’ll pick you up from your work, and we’ll walk down together”

“Cool, see you then”

“Bye Babe” he said mischievously.

“Har har har, go to class” I told him as I watched him walk away laughing to himself. 

Please forgive any grammatical errors, this is still the first run through of A Beautiful Struggle - I just thought it would be nice to share a bit of it, so you know what I'm banging on about. 

This excerpt from Chapter One, is where Katrina meets Elliot while she is getting shown around the office on her first day of work at the Sydney law offices, Turner Barlow & Smith - 
Priya lead me down the corridor and into an open area, where a group of PA desks were clustered, surrounded by window offices. She came to a stop outside a small windowed office next to the Partner’s corner office, and tapped on the door before opening it. A man in his early 20’s looked up from his work revealing the most vivid blue eyes I had ever seen. My breath caught a little as I drank him in. Even through his dress shirt I could see how well muscled he was, his face showing that light amount of stubble I loved on a man. I don’t know how else to describe him except to say that he was beautiful; those blue eyes, that full mouth, his light golden brown hair and, those broad shoulders! I felt myself swoon a little but came back to reality when I noticed him arch one of those perfect eyebrows of his at us in question.

“Sorry to interrupt Elliot but I just wanted to introduce you to our new librarian Kat,” Priya said.

“Um, Katrina,” I said, hating having my name shortened to a furry animal.

“Sorry – Katrina,” Priya said with a slight eye roll.

Elliot didn’t speak at first; he just sat there studying me. My cheeks flushed involuntarily and the discomfort of being stared at caused me to start nervously looking around the room, out the door; anywhere but at him. My apparent unease seemed to make him realise he was staring. He quickly cleared his throat and said, “Hello Katrina.” His voice was as beautiful as the rest of him, it had a deep rumble to it that sent chills up my spine.

I was trying desperately to be cool so he didn’t notice my immediate attraction. A guy like this must have women swooning all over him and I wasn’t going to let myself be one of them – despite his hotness. I had met guys like him before and it never ended well. Despite my efforts, I didn’t manage much more than a tight smile, a small nod and a, “Hi, um, uh, Elliot.” You sound like an idiot! My mind told me. There was a silence after that; nobody said a word and this awkwardness enveloped us like a thick woolen blanket while we all tried not to make eye contact.

I felt like I needed to say something to break the silence, “Ah…I didn’t think a junior would get a window office,” I observed - what? It was all I could think of!

Elliot looked over his shoulder at the window behind him and shrugged, “Every solicitor gets one, it comes with the office. Mine is a very small one though.” His blue eyes met mine but revealed no emotion. I could imagine that he must have thought I was a complete ditz! I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks while moths of embarrassment churned through my stomach.

Priya raised her eyebrows at the exchange, smiled and observed, “Well, this was fun,” she ushered me out of his office as she told Elliot, “Just thought you should meet Katrina so you knew what she is doing leaving things on your desk. Enjoy your day Elliot,” she quietly closed his door and led me back towards the library. “So, your bright red face tells me you noticed he’s a bit of spunk huh?” she said quietly to me when we were far enough away. I tried to act nonchalant and just shrugged my shoulders a little. “Don’t get any ideas though, all the girls are after him but he doesn’t show interest in any of them. There’s a strict no dating policy here and he adheres to it; there’s a list of junior solicitors a mile long wanting to work here and I really don’t think he is going to risk his job.”

“Fair enough,” I said, mentally kicking myself for feeling a little disappointed.

“Someone nice to look at though huh? Stops the office being so boring.”

“I suppose it does.” I answered carefully.

I drove my husband mad and went cross eyed trawling for images til late last night but finally I found it - a picture of a couple that look so similar to the way I imagined Katrina and Elliot to look and they even have the right expressions on their face that I was after! I had faith that I would know the image when I saw it and bam! there it was after hours of looking. 

Sooooooo glad! 

Back to editing! 

I wish this was me today, laying about with a book (or an ereader) napping here and there but alas I have a bucket load of stuff to do and that is all before I even get to start writing - sigh!

For everyone who will get a chance to lay around and read this weekend you might want to have a look at Confidante: The Brothel, it's an erotic biography about the month my mother in law (of all people!) spend working in a Sydney brothel back in 1989 (yes people were having sex back then too!) 
                          US LINK      UK LINK

For everyone who has already read Confidante: The Brothel, Angelien is typing away as we speak! She has a long list of clients that she will be telling me about so I can turn it all into a story. I will hopefully have a preliminary list for you all sometime next week. 

I am now 12000 words into What Might Have Been, I have no idea how big this book is going to get because there is a lot yet to happen. I will hopefully have chapter two up and ready for you to read in the next 24hrs. 
In the meantime here is Chapter One it will be available for free on Sunday US EST time from 4am (7pm Sunday for my fellow Aussies) - when you have read it, let me know what you think so far, it's all in draft form at the moment but I love to share and get feedback from non family/friends! 

Off to be a responsible adult now - have a great day!

Lilli xoxoxox

The problems with KDP rectified themselves within an hour yesterday so the first chapter of 'What Might Have Been' is up. It will be free on Sunday (4th Nov) so please have a read and tell me what you think!

If you want to read it, and you don't have  kindle, you can download the kindle app for PC or smart phone, failing that, you can contact me and I will send you a copy in your preferred formatt.

Confidante: The Escort news - Angelien and I have a planned meeting today further map out the book - we have a rough draft of what stories are going in there, but it needs some polishing so we don't mess the time line up!

Take care to everyone out there - I hope all of my US readers are safe from the hurricane! To everyone else - have a great halloween (if you celebrate it) my kids are all very excited as they have a party to go to this afternoon; I can expect some very hyperactive children tonight!

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I thought I might talk about a couple of the hurdles I have encountered trying to get Confidante: The Brothel noticed. 

Our first hurdle, we seem to be trapped between two genres. Confidante is a biography that features a lot of sex - some people consider it to be erotica- I personally don't; it isn't vivid enough for that - plus it isn't fiction.

Our second hurdle, getting reviewers/ blogs to feature us - people who review biographies don't want to review it because there is too much sex; people who review chic lit, erotica, romance, etc. don't want to review it because they don't do biographies.   

I  may have to market it to them a little differently perhaps. Persistence is the key here I think! 

I do have to say though - despite the difficulty with blog reviews, I am happy with how my efforts have been rewarded so far as we are slowly having our sales tick over - I really didn't expect any at this early stage. We have had a lot of help on twitter via retweets and mentions from others and there has been a fair amount of support on facebook as well. 

So thank you to those who noticed us! Just be ready for lots of harassing from me via social media!

Love to my readers!

Lilli xoxoxox

The party page is set up! Click our Home tab to take a look.

There is a great raffle, and you can follow along on twitter to see what we are chatting about.

It looks like it will be a great day - we are going to release some of the removed sections of the book - some will be raunchy; some will be informative. Plus we are going to chat back and forth and be available for questions.

I'm looking forward to it! Now I just have to figure out how to use hootsuite???