I thought I might talk about a couple of the hurdles I have encountered trying to get Confidante: The Brothel noticed. 

Our first hurdle, we seem to be trapped between two genres. Confidante is a biography that features a lot of sex - some people consider it to be erotica- I personally don't; it isn't vivid enough for that - plus it isn't fiction.

Our second hurdle, getting reviewers/ blogs to feature us - people who review biographies don't want to review it because there is too much sex; people who review chic lit, erotica, romance, etc. don't want to review it because they don't do biographies.   

I  may have to market it to them a little differently perhaps. Persistence is the key here I think! 

I do have to say though - despite the difficulty with blog reviews, I am happy with how my efforts have been rewarded so far as we are slowly having our sales tick over - I really didn't expect any at this early stage. We have had a lot of help on twitter via retweets and mentions from others and there has been a fair amount of support on facebook as well. 

So thank you to those who noticed us! Just be ready for lots of harassing from me via social media!

Love to my readers!

Lilli xoxoxox