I was busy tapping away at 'What might have been' today and thought that it might be nice if I showed you were the book is set. The first chapter is up on Amazon right now >>HERE<< and it introduces us to the main characters Katrina & Elliot as well as a few of the supporting characters.

The primary setting for this book is within a law office in one of the more modern buildings of Martin Place, Sydney (Pictured left). I love this part of Sydney, I used to have to walk through here on my way to work when I was younger and loved the older style buildings so I couldn't help but use it in my story.

On to other things - Angelien has sent me through a new beginning to Confidante: The Brothel, she felt that she needed to explain how she got to the point of needing money so badly that she was willing to sell her body for it and I have to agree that it would make a welcome edition to the early part of the book.

As soon as I have finished with it I will post it here on my blog for everyone to read who already has a copy of the book.

I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year, if you're interested in writing a novel this month then please join in and add me as your writing buddy. The more the merrier!

Time to get typing!
Lilli xoxoxo