Last night I hit the NaNoWriMo target of 50,000 words - my book isn't completely finished yet - I am expecting to hit around 70k before it is; but I am really happy to have reached the goal 11 days early. 

It was a great moment when 50k popped up, my characters were at a pivotal part of their story so it was very fitting that both goals aligned  at the same time. 

Now back to typing so I can get this novel out to my lovely beta reading ladies by the end of the month (if you would like to be a beta reader too - you get read my book for free, and give me feed back on it to help improve it before I release it; then just email me and let me know you're interested.)

Lilliana Anderson is Australian author of Confidante: The Brothel ON SALE now  HERE USA or HERE UK




When I woke up this morning my book had gone and changed itself in my head - now the title has no relevance! 
I know I hated the working title anyway and I know that these changes will be a better book - but damn those little people living in my mind for changing things while I sleep! 

Lilliana Anderson is Australian author of Confidante: The Brothel available now  HERE USA or HERE UK
Can I do it? I'm not really sure but I'm damn well gonna try! 

Yesterday I mapped out the rest of What Might Have Been to stop it from swirling around in my head. The result was that I still have another 13 chapters to finish and I want it finished by the end of the month, so my goal is to write at least a chapter a day. 

That may sound pretty easy but with four kids, a husband and a house to look after - it's not such an easy feat. BUT, it's my current goal and I'll go without sleep if I have to! 
I wish this was me today, laying about with a book (or an ereader) napping here and there but alas I have a bucket load of stuff to do and that is all before I even get to start writing - sigh!

For everyone who will get a chance to lay around and read this weekend you might want to have a look at Confidante: The Brothel, it's an erotic biography about the month my mother in law (of all people!) spend working in a Sydney brothel back in 1989 (yes people were having sex back then too!) 
                          US LINK      UK LINK

For everyone who has already read Confidante: The Brothel, Angelien is typing away as we speak! She has a long list of clients that she will be telling me about so I can turn it all into a story. I will hopefully have a preliminary list for you all sometime next week. 

I am now 12000 words into What Might Have Been, I have no idea how big this book is going to get because there is a lot yet to happen. I will hopefully have chapter two up and ready for you to read in the next 24hrs. 
In the meantime here is Chapter One it will be available for free on Sunday US EST time from 4am (7pm Sunday for my fellow Aussies) - when you have read it, let me know what you think so far, it's all in draft form at the moment but I love to share and get feedback from non family/friends! 

Off to be a responsible adult now - have a great day!

Lilli xoxoxox

I was busy tapping away at 'What might have been' today and thought that it might be nice if I showed you were the book is set. The first chapter is up on Amazon right now >>HERE<< and it introduces us to the main characters Katrina & Elliot as well as a few of the supporting characters.

The primary setting for this book is within a law office in one of the more modern buildings of Martin Place, Sydney (Pictured left). I love this part of Sydney, I used to have to walk through here on my way to work when I was younger and loved the older style buildings so I couldn't help but use it in my story.

On to other things - Angelien has sent me through a new beginning to Confidante: The Brothel, she felt that she needed to explain how she got to the point of needing money so badly that she was willing to sell her body for it and I have to agree that it would make a welcome edition to the early part of the book.

As soon as I have finished with it I will post it here on my blog for everyone to read who already has a copy of the book.

I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year, if you're interested in writing a novel this month then please join in and add me as your writing buddy. The more the merrier!

Time to get typing!
Lilli xoxoxo

The problems with KDP rectified themselves within an hour yesterday so the first chapter of 'What Might Have Been' is up. It will be free on Sunday (4th Nov) so please have a read and tell me what you think!

If you want to read it, and you don't have  kindle, you can download the kindle app for PC or smart phone, failing that, you can contact me and I will send you a copy in your preferred formatt.

Confidante: The Escort news - Angelien and I have a planned meeting today further map out the book - we have a rough draft of what stories are going in there, but it needs some polishing so we don't mess the time line up!

Take care to everyone out there - I hope all of my US readers are safe from the hurricane! To everyone else - have a great halloween (if you celebrate it) my kids are all very excited as they have a party to go to this afternoon; I can expect some very hyperactive children tonight!

Lilli xoxoxox