This is the original cover image that I used for A Beautiful Struggle - I wanted desperately to have a cover that showed the feelings, the angst, the need of my characters. I searched for hours, desperate to find exactly the right photo. Then I found it, it was so excited about it. 

I made my cover, marketed my book and put it out there. After the first couple of weeks I realised that I had used an image of THE most popular couple in Indie publishing! 

These two are EVERYWHERE. I totally understand why, they are hot - their photos are hot. BUT they were and continue to be on so many ebook covers, the I pulled my original one down, spend another bazzilllion hours finding a suitable picture, and replaced it with this. 

I got some help on the font and design from a friend and I am much happier with this one. So far, I've been using this one for a month, and  I haven't found this image being used by anyone else - but if you do please let me know. I don't want to get lost in the cover muddle! 

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