I have to admit that after talking to Carl, I was nervous about facing everyone today.

When I entered the break room there were a few murmurs and stares, as I lined up to get my coffee. I nodded hi to Kayley who was already seated and smiling at me as I walked over with my coffee. Bianca took the opportunity to blatantly knock into me, spilling my coffee on my skirt. I grabbed some paper towel and brushed off as much of it off as I could, thankful that I’d had the foresight to wear dark colours.

I sat down with Kayley, Albina and Anne, “Wow, I feel like I’m back at high school” I laughed uneasily.

Albina raised her eyebrows and said to me, “Well you are public enemy number one at the moment, Bianca and Beth are on a rampage.”

Anne leaned in as well to talk quietly, “You should have heard Bianca yesterday, she was telling everyone that she got you fired.”

“Well as you can see she didn’t” I said, “Listen, nothing’s going on and there’s nothing to talk about, Biancas obviously trying to cause problems”

“Kayley and Connor saw you too, so don’t deny it.” adds Albina.

“You know what, I was drinking, I don’t really know what I saw.” said Kayley.

I smiled gratefully at Kayley and sighed, “I don’t know why everyone’s making a big deal out of it. I have known the guy for a week.”

“Yeah and in that week you dry humped him on a wharf” said Albina.

I really didn’t think that anything I said was going to convince them there was nothing between Elliot and I so I stood to take my coffee to my desk instead. As I left I overheard Bianca saying, “Maybe he’s into boys, and that’s why,” I spun around to give Bianca a piece of my mind as the others she was sitting with sniggered at her comment. I opened my mouth to speak but she got there first, “Are you going to go and cut yourself now?” the hatred I felt for her at that moment could be heard crackling through the air – in my mind I was pouncing on her like an animal, clawing at her face and pulling out her hair; but in reality I shut my mouth and spun on my heel not trusting myself to speak anymore.

My face burned hot with humiliation as put a call through to Elliot, he picked up on the second ring. “Elliot Roberts”

“Hey, it’s me.”

“Hey you, what’s up?”

“I really don’t think we should train together.”

“What? Why?”

“Everyone in the break room was on my back about Friday. I think it would be a mistake to be seen together anywhere.”

“Are you backing out on me?”

“I don’t know, can we just cool it for a bit please? I have all this animosity directed at me right now and I just need to take a step back.”

He was silent for a moment, “For how long?”

“I don’t know, a week - or until this all dies down? I just … Can we just cool it for now, please?” I pleaded.

I could hear him sigh and his chair creaked over the phone, I imagined that he was leaning back running his hand through his hair. “Fine. I have to go,” he disconnected.

I looked at the phone and debated whether I was making the right decision by pulling back. 

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