Angelien has been on my back since volume two went up on Amazon to start blogging. Finally I have caved and here I am. I thought I will bore the crap out of you all half the time, but occaisionally something fun might happen - maybe even interesting. Right now however, I am simply waiting for my 2 year old to fall asleep so I can cook without the smell getting him up BORING! lol

Although later on I have a meeting with Angelien to go over the next Volume of Confidante. She gave me a list of all of the memorable clients she had and I want to get them in order and work out which client happened where.

This week she is going to tell me about a client with a cheesy dick - I am gagging just thinking about it! YUCK!

Anyway will let you know how it goes and maybe share a little snippet of the experience before it goes live on Monday.

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