After last week's decision to start sharing other author's work on my new Friday Feature I was immediately contacted by the lovely Tamsin Baker who wanted to share her latest release 'Truth be Told' with you all. 

It's a contemporary M/M erotic romance, published by Evernight Publishing.

Tamsin would like to offer a copy of her menage vampire ebook- Eternal Hearts- due out in June- to the most original comment  - so if you're interested, comment away!! 

Here is the blurb and an Excerpt for 'Truth be Told' 


Patrick is gorgeous, gay and a corporate lawyer. He also wants to stay firmly in the closet. When he goes to a new club in search of a one night stand, he is picked up by Liam.

Liam is bigger, beautiful and also a top.

A hot and heavy night ensues and a lovely follow up brunch that has them both thinking there could be more to their relationship than just sex.

But Liam is out and proud gay, he finds an insult to one’s pride and integrity not to accept who you are. Patrick disagrees and major problems occur.


He opened the door. Patrick was on the other side, loaded down with Asian take away.

“Wow, you look great!” Patrick smiled, his eyes running up and down Liam’s body. “I brought dinner. Hope you like Thai.”

Liam laughed and waved Patrick in. Lucky he hadn’t bothered to cook.

“Love it. What did you get?” Directing Patrick into the kitchen, he went to the cupboard to pull out plates and cutlery.

“Bit of everything. Beef stir fry, prawn fried rice, chicken pad thai, chicken satays, and fried butterfly things.”

Liam turned to watch Patrick opening all of the containers. It was so thoughtful, he was really surprised. He had hoped their mutual liking wouldn’t be one sided. It seemed he was right.

Patrick looked as gorgeous but as heterosexual as always. Fitted Levi jeans and a white Levi’s printed t-shirt. Boring, but yummy, mostly because Liam knew what was underneath the clothes.

“Do you want a Coke, or whiskey? Water?” Liam pulled glasses out of the cupboard to distract himself. He had been fantasizing about Patrick’s arse for two nights. He wouldn’t be bottoming tonight.

“I bought Sprite. Hope that’s okay.” Patrick pulled out the bottle and opened it. Their feast awaited.

Liam lay the plates and glasses down on the table, then sat down, watching as Patrick poured him a drink. Handsome, smart, and thoughtful? Hadn’t he hit the trifecta.

“How was the wedding last night?” Liam began spooning noodles onto Patrick’s plate and then put some on his own. “This smells awesome.”

Patrick sat and began dividing the satay’s between them.

“Yeah, lucky they make it so hot or it wouldn’t have made the trip still warm. The wedding was good. My first cousin, Amelia, was the bride. My mum spent the whole night pushing me towards her friends.”

A burning jealousy gripped Liam’s insides but he forced himself to smile. “So, you picked up then?”

Patrick paused, chicken satay halfway to his mouth, then burst out laughing. “You think I ... Are you kidding?” He continued to laugh.

Liam threw a butterfly into his mouth, the fried batter causing him to almost choke. He wasn’t used to such rich foods.

Patrick stood up and moved towards him around the table. Liam tilted up his face and was rewarded with a quick kiss before Patrick sat back down, still chortling.

“Liam, I may not be out of the closet, but I haven’t been able to get it up for a woman in almost ten years.”

Liam relaxed. He’d worried for a moment that he was dealing with more than he could handle. He could compete well with other men, but if Patrick was truly bi he didn’t really stand a chance. “Good, then you won’t be tired for me.”

“Tired?” Patrick groaned and took a long swig of his soft drink. “The only reason I’m tired is because I couldn’t sleep without you.”

Liam watched in fascination as his lover shut his mouth with an audible snap and blushed brightly. It looked like he hadn’t meant to share that piece of information.

Maybe Patrick would feel less embarrassed if he shared something too?  

Author Bio:

Tamsin Baker read sexy romance for years, skipping the story to find the 'good bits'. 
When she found Erotic romance and Erotica, it was like coming home to people who understood what she wanted to read. When it was time to write, the world expanded and she knew this was what she wanted to do forever.




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