I keep getting asked what I did to get so many reviews as a newbie author - do I have a lot of friends who like to read? Did I pay for reviews? Did I give away heaps of free copies? Am I just really good at social networking? So I thought I'd do a general post to answer that question. 

While I did give away perhaps 20 copies to reviewers just before I released each Beautiful series book, not all of them actually put their reviews up - approximately 10-15 of my reviews come from ARCs the rest all come from sales. 

At last check, I had sold over 16000 copies collectively of the two Beautiful books. So my reviews have come from them - when you look at it, it's actually a very small percentage of readers that actually take the time to rate books.

Between the two books I have 637 ratings and 134 reviews on Goodreads.com as well as 88 reviews across the Amazon platform. So that is my secret - with sales come reviews, and not very many when you actually look at the numbers. 

Now, I'm not very experienced in the self publishing industry, I've only been at it for the last six months. But from what I've learned so far - I really don't think that more reviews equals more book sales. I think they are a consequence of book sales. 

That's not to say that you don't need reviews, ARC reviews are a great way to get those first few key reviews, and guage the impact your book may have after release. 

My suggestion is to join a group on Goodreads called Making Connections - their sole purpose is connecting writers and readers. You can list your ARC titles there and interested readers will put their hand up to review. 

I also suggest taking your book on a blog tour, there are a lot of bloggers who are willing to do an honest review for a free copy of your book and they will cross post that review to Amazon, Goodreads and sometimes, Barnes & Noble. 

I believe that reviews are helpful in aiding a customer to buy and they are helpful in sparking discussions about your work - but in the end it's your sales volume that brings the majority of reviews in - and oh how we love them, they validate the message we were trying to get across with our writing and sometimes slap us in the face when the reader isn't happy. They're the thing that keep us grounded and focused so we can write more. 

I'm sure now you're wondering what I did to actually gain the sales I did and the truth is, I'm not really that sure - but I will do another post soon that talks about what I do to promote my work. 

It could have all been just dumb luck, but I'll tell you all anyway - perhaps I did something you haven't thought of yet. 

Until tomorrow! 

Lilli xoxox 
24/3/2013 09:48:42 pm

How about the reason ur sales are up and ppl will review a great book - ur books are amazing so ppl will want to let u know. It mean u have touched a soft spot. U do an amazing job keep it up

Lilliana Anderson
24/3/2013 10:02:34 pm

Thank you Mary :)


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