A big thankyou to everyone who has been following Angelien's story as we write it, it has been a lot of fun so far! We are now on our home stretch. We are writing 10 volumes of Confidante the Brothel before we close the door on that chapter of Angelien's life and move on to Confidante the Escort. The great news is that we will compile all 10 volumes into one book that will be available in print as well as ebook format and that will have a bonus chapter that covers the boyfriend that brought Angelien out of her sexual shell - he was something else! let me tell you!

Volume 6 will be up on Kindle this monday and we are calling this volume 'Cordial & Secretaries' it will cover the first job Angelien ever had as well as the secretary fantasy that so many men love.

I am putting the finishing touches on the volume today, editing it tomorrow with Angelien and then putting it up on Amazon. 

I have also joined the world of facebook so feel free follow along with me there as well. There is a little link up the top of this page that will take you to my twitter or facebook pages.

I got a review on my short story yesterday which was very exciting, you see the number of downloads ticking away and start to worry about whether people are liking your work or not, so it was wonderful to recieve a 4 star review and a nice little comment!

Well, I have to go now. I'm a bit light headed after a bit too much wine last night so off to get a bit glass of water, some panadol and back to work!

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