Today I finished writing the first draft of my current book - very exciting I know! On top of that my main character Katrina said a sentence with the words 'a beautiful struggle' in it. I sucked in my breath and said "Oh! that is my title" so there you have it, this book is called A Beautiful Struggle. 

Now what's left to do is a read through and a quick edit before I send it off for beta reading (contact me if you want in on this btw the more the merrier!).

Right at this moment though I am searching for a cover - the one I was using for NaNo when the book was called What might have been, doesn't fit anymore. 

I am in LOVE with the picture featured to the left but she needs to be blonde! If anyone finds or knows of one like this please send me the link! Otherwise I may seriously consider changing Katrina's appearance. Because this picture is stunning.

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