So, there I was - perusing the landing page of to find an interesting story to share with you all today, when this caught me eye.
It's a fried egg with bacon, nestled in the middle of a GLAZED doughnut! Yep, you heard right, you get protein, you get fat - not only from frying the egg and the bacon, but also from frying the doughnut; and on top of that, it's all dipped in sugar! Holy crap! I think my teeth just rotted, fell out of my head and landed on the floor while my arteries clogged up and I clutched at my heart - and that's just from looking at the picture! lol 

Now but seriously - has anyone tried this yet? It's not available in Australia so I have to live on the edge with my US friends. 

Was it good, or was it horrible? I'm dying to know.

I can't imagine it will be that popular long term, but then stranger things have happened! 

Lilliana Anderson is an author of New Adult romances 'A Beautiful Series', 'Alter' and Erotic Biography 'Confidante: The Brothel' 

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