Why am I a heart breaker?? Well, reviewers are telling me that I broke their heart in the end of A Beautiful Struggle.

Actually I lie - not all of them feel like that. Without ruining the plot for you, there are two potential mates for the main character Katrina. One is Elliot, and the other David. So far people are taking sides. Depending on what 'Team' the reader is on, they are giving me either 3 or 5 stars - some are in the middle of course! But what is amazing me, is that even though the 3 star people are angry, they still want to know what happens in the next book. 

So for that, I am really proud right now. I just had my launch party for the second book I have ever written and I reached #3,404 on Amazon today. That puts A Beautiful Struggle in the top 0.23% (approx) of Kindle books on Amazon right now. I am number one on the Australian Drama list and I feel so proud. 

I'm not trying to be big headed, I am trying to be thankful. I am thankful that readers are becoming emotionally connected with my characters. I am thankful that they even managed to find my book amoung the plethora of books that are also self pubbed online. I am thankful that readers are sharing their thoughts with others, and I am thankful that even though some of you are telling me that I broke your heart - that you haven't written me off, you still want to read the next book. 

I feel humbled right now, I'm by no means I huge success, but the fact that there has been so much interest in my work is glorious to me.

When you read a book, it is over within a day, a week, a month - depending on how fast you read. But for me, I just gave you a piece of my soul, I poured my heart into my work and I can't disconnect myself from it. In my normal life, I'm seen as someone who doesn't give a sh*t about what other people think. But as an author, I care, I care so much. 

That's why I am thankful, that's why I am proud. 

If you have made it this far through my ramble - well done! 

If you haven't read A Beautiful Struggle yet, here are the links US AMAZON
                                                                                         UK AMAZON
                                                                                         PRINT EDITION

Love to you all, 
Lilli xoxox

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