Now, I know I was a little tight lipped about Alter while I was writing it - because honestly, I didn't know what I could share with you all without ruining the story line. 

There is a couple of twists and turns in there that some of my early readers have guessed but most have told me that I blind-sided them. So I'm really nervous talking about it, in case I ruin the surprises for you. 

Although, eventually, I know I'll get a reviewer who outlines the entire plot for you but until then. I am going to do my best to talk about the book and the characters so you get a feel for the story  line but I don't ruin anything for you. 

Here are the characters you'll meet - 

Mia was having a great hair day when we took this photo - she's a 23 year old teacher for deaf teens at a special needs school in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs. 

She has a close group of friends that she has had since high school and her life revolves around her friends and work. 

She has no family left as she was an only child and her parents passed away when she was 19, leaving her with no other family ties. 

Everything about Mia's life is very normal. That is, until she meets Cayd. She feels an instant attraction to him, something that is so strong that she almost accepted when he asked her out before correcting herself and telling him no, she has a boyfriend. 

She feels incredibly guilty about her feelings toward Cayd and decides that she wants to spend more time with her boyfriend, Eric, as she feels that perhaps her attraction stemmed from feeling a little disconnected with him. 

Problems arise when Mia starts forgetting her interactions with Eric, and stops speaking sign language around her best friend, Louise. 

Everyone becomes increasingly concerned about her and eventually she goes to seek medical help. 

From there, she is referred to a psychiatrist which is when she discovers something about herself that is so life altering, that things will never be the same for Mia again...

This is Eric - he always seems to be getting out of the shower when I take his photo. I can't imagine how this keeps happening, but oh well - lucky me! 

Eric is Mia's boyfriend. They've been together since high school  and have a really easy going relationship. They spend their weekends together and spend the week focusing on their respective jobs at their respective houses. 

He's a fairly typical Aussie guy. He's a plumber by trade and likes to hang out with his football mates. He's happy to go with the flow and enjoy life. So when Mia starts to become more affectionate and wants to spend more time with him, he is more than happy to oblige. Especially since she is turning up the heat in the bedroom! 

He is however worried when Mia can't remember some things and urges her to go and talk to someone. 

This is Cayd, somehow I managed to get him shirtless too. I don't know how I keep managing to do that! 

Anyway, he comes into the picture as a hot ball of electricity that turns Mia's head. 

He's willing to wait for Mia, but he isn't willing to sit back and watch while her life falls apart. He's willing to put himself out there to help her find out why she's blacking out and then helps her take steps to fix it. 

He's 35 and a psychiatrist  who has spent the majority of his life studying and entertaining the ladies with his lovely abs. 

This is Louise, Mia's best friend. She was too busy looking off into the distance to smile for my photo - which is a shame, because she's such a great gal! She's the reason Mia wanted to teach deaf teens. Louise lost her hearing when she was a teen herself and Mia, being her best friend, learned AUSLAN with her so they could easily converse. 

Louise doesn't believe that anything is wrong with Mia. She just can't imagine that her best friend could all of a sudden be behaving so differently. She's fairly stuck on paranormal reasons as to why Mia is behaving so strangely, but she has to concede the truth when confronted with it. 

And last but not least we have Josh. He's kind of lacking in the muscle department, so I took a shot of him while he was getting ready to take Louise out to dinner. Shhh!! Don't tell him I said that! (Crap, I think he heard me!) Sorry Josh - I really do love you!! 

Seriously though, Josh is a lovely man. He's dating Louise, AND he's Eric's best mate and house buddy. 

He's the guy who is always willing to help out a friend, and he really adores Louise. He's even willing to go along with her wild ideas while Mia is acting strangely. 

Ultimately, Josh is the guy that makes things happen. He's the guy that knows what's right and pushes for his friends to see reason. 

And there we have it - all of the main characters in Alter. I hope you managed to get a bit of a feel for them, as well as a good idea about the story. 

I'm really proud to tell the story of this group of people and I hope that I did it justice. 

If you want to see how everyone links together, you can pick up a copy of Alter on Amazon Kindle or Smashwords for only 99 cents until the end of May.

John Tucker
16/5/2013 02:56:17 pm

Excellent job at making your novel even more interesting. Off to purchase it now. :-)

Lilliana Anderson
16/5/2013 03:05:43 pm

Thank you for saying so :)

16/5/2013 04:44:33 pm

Great post Lilliana, that's a lovely way to introduce your characters.

Lily M

Lilliana Anderson
16/5/2013 07:49:24 pm

Thank you Lily!


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