This smell coming from a penis? ew
Angelien has been and gone. She is actually off getting herself a small laptop as she has been trying to type on an ipad and is finding it difficult. 

While she was here she gave me a bit of info on the client that came in to the brothel who had not washed himself properly for a long time. She had never actually seen the build up in a foreskin before and was pretty astounded that someone could let that amount of filth build up on their body... the rest of that story will be in Confidante Volume 5.

Before I go on to write that, I have to go back and remove a character who doesn't want to be in our series. For those of you have are up to date with Confidante, it is only a character that was mentioned in passing so the nitty gritty of the story is still the same. I do apologise for having to change things a little bit but it is the nature of true stories that sometimes people don't want to be included.

Anyway, I have some mummy duties to attend to before I can write and I am exhausted as it is. So off to put on a pot of coffee and kick my children off to bed (obviously I won't be literally kicking them). Til next time

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