Normally on a Monday I spend a lot of time reloading my kindle sales page to see how our new volume is going but today I am at a bit of a loss. It is the first time in 7 weeks now that I haven't had a new volume go up. Instead, I am re reading everything that Angelien and I have written over the past weeks to make sure we have her time line right as well as checking for spelling and grammar that may have slipped past the first time. On top of that both Angelien and I are working on some extra content for the book; we were only going to add an extra chapter called 'Vincent' to explain why Angelien is so sexually open but found that that was a much bigger chapter than we anticipated so after we finish editing it may be an extra 3 chapters there. We also felt that we should talk about what happened in her life between the brothel and becoming an escort so we are furiously writing a couple of final chapters that talk about a couple of boyfriends she had in that time. This way we will start Confidante: The Escort with a short recap and then her interview process and first client.

Our focus right now is finalising Confidante: The Brothel to release on 22 October, the last bit of extra writing should be finished this week and then it's just edit, edit, edit while we count down the days!

Anyone interested in reading a prelaunch copy and helping us with reviews on Amazon & Goodreads can contact us with your preferred ebook format to register your interest.

Happy 1st of the month! The countdown is on!!

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