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It has been five days since Confidante launched, and both Angelien and I feel lost without it. We decided to take a week off writing together after pushing so hard to get The Brothel ready in time. Instead of rejoicing in our free time though - our fingers are itching to continue.

I have had a story that I have been working on sporadically for a while now that I want to finish, and Angelien wants to get started on her memoirs and The Escort. I saw her today, and our conversation went a little like this.

A "Do you feel lost now?"

L "What? Without the book?"

A "Yes! I feel like I am in mourning!"

L "Me too! And I don't have any energy anymore - it's like I put everything I had into the book, and now I am spent"

A "Me too! I think we need to start writing again"

L "I agree. I don't think I can function without it anymore"

A lot of agreeing went on in that conversation! But it gave us the push we needed to make a plan to spend the weekend sorting our houses out and implementing a new routine that melds our real-life responsibilities with our writing. So I feel better now and I'm sure she does too - I am really looking forward to getting back into a story. I am not coping without it!!

Does anyone else get like this?

Lilli xoxoxoxo

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