We now have all of our covers for the print editions of the Confidante Trilogy, I think we will used these on the kindle versions from now on as well.  Here is a sneak look at them all!

We are actually planning on applying to Kindle serials to distribute Confidante The Escort and Confidante: The Madame so I will keep you updated on how successful we are with that. We are spending most of this week getting our proposal together so the pressure is on a little.

Volume 7 of Confidante: The Brothel - Quitting time -  is now listed and available exclusive to Amazon and Volume 6 Cordial & Secretaries will be on free promotion for 24th and 25th September Central US time, so get your copy while you can!

The countdown is on for the release of Confidante: The Brothel in full print and ebook form. We are scheduled for release on 22nd oct 2012 so we are in the final stages now!  

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