I have just spent the last four days caring for my sick children after one of them brought a stomach bug home from school - no, not a little bug in a jar shaped like a stomach; but one of those evil ones that spreads through your house like wild fire despite your best efforts to disinfect and separate sick from healthy. *sigh*

The only good news to come out of it is that I have been unable to sleep out of worry for my little ones so I have done a lot of writing on What Might Have Been - which is where my numb brain comes in - I am tired and can't think straight right now.

Luckily I have already typed up Chapter 3 so I will do a quick edit on the weekend so it should be well and truly ready to go up by then. I should be a couple of chapters ahead of my self imposed dead lines by then as well which will. 

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Time to go check on my current sickies. 

Lilli xoxox

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