that I find difficult when writing is putting in all of the 'filler' stuff when you are trying to get to the exciting part. I try to look at writing like I am watching a movie or even discussing real life and figure out what sequence of events could logically lead up to each 'event' within my story. I just find that I know what it is I want to happen and how they get there but my fingers just won't move fast enough to progress the story - I type about 60 words/minute and I am not super accurate so I do find it all a little frustrating at times. Yesterday I had so much that I wanted to write but ran out of time in between mummy duties so had to just jot down a quick ramble in point form on what was in my head. I'm glad I got it down but now I have to go back and fill in between those dot points.

Writing Confidant: The Brothel has been a great learning curve and while I am working on that I am also working on my yet to be named drama/romance novel, I am hoping to have it ready by the end of November but I might be pushing it a little.

I am seriously stuck on a name for that one though. What would you call a book about love lost and found again but not being sure if you could keep it? I really am at a loss for a catchy title.

Anyway, this is me & my ramblings, signing off

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