Right at this very moment I am prepping Confidante: The Brothel for kindle e-books, I have embedded a font in the document, so I am really hoping that it works when it transfers over - I will check as soon as I am done.

I am still organising reviewers and blog tours - if you have a blog and want to feature Confidante: The Brothel let me know, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I spent the day with Angelien and our editor today, doing one last check. We are crossing our fingers that we haven't missed anything epic at this point as we have been very thorough in the hopes we don't get flamed online!

We have also been working on our launch party details. We have planned to do a question and answer session with Angelien, release a sneak peak of the first client in Confidante: The Escort  as well as our aforementioned raffle.

Anyway, I am off; I have to get this e-book finished.

Lilli xoxox

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