Beta reader feedback is in and I have a firm plan in place as to where I am fleshing out Alter. 

My beta readers are all wonderful women who agreed to read my skeleton of a book to let me know if the idea was viable or not and then tell me where they wanted more or less. 

I feel really lucky to have a group of women who are so kind and honest. They told me that they loved the idea and then helped me decide what could be done better, where they needed to be told more information and what characters they wanted more of. 

Now I get to go through that original skeleton story and give it flesh and feeling, which is a part that I really love. I love adding the lives of the supporting characters into the manuscript and fleshing out the backgrounds and interactions of the main characters. 

Each of them has their own story, and this is the part where I get to explore it. 

When I'm done, I'll send the new copy off to the same women and see what they think before I do my final edits and send it out into the great wide world of ebooks. 

It's an exciting time and I'll do my best to share a few scenes without ruining any of the story for you. This part is really hard for me, because i LOVE to share my work, but I need to keep a lot of this book quiet or it will be ruined! ruined I tell you!! 

Anyway, keep your eye out for updates. Alter is coming! and I can't wait for you all to read it as well!!!! 

Til next time, 
Lilli xoxox

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