I have been busy busy typing away on 'A Beautiful Forever's re-writes after beta-testing was done on the base story. 

I sent out a copy that focus on the main characters and was fairly vague on all of the supporting characters, so now I have the job of making the smaller characters come to life a little more. I have to say - there's a lot of them this time around! lol I have had to create a new document with all of their names and information in it so I don't get them mixed up lol! 

We have house mates and family members, workmates and old friends - they're all in there and I need to keep them all straight in my mind so I don't confuse you when you read it. :) 

So the real reason you're reading this right now is because you want to know HOW LONG!! I am sticking with my April 2 release date for now but I really want to get it out faster for you so I am working hard to get these re writes done so I can send it for editing and then on to you. 

In other news - have you seen the new covers? I found some beautiful images that I haven't seen all over Amazon so I altered the covers so they're a little more unique than they were before. Check them out on goodreads where you can enter the competition to win a print copy of A Beautiful Forever! yay! 

Love to you all! I'll try not to stay away for too long (although I guess it's good if I do because it means I'm busy writing!) 

Lilli xoxox

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