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I'm very pleased to be participating in this hop! There will be some great prizes for you to win along the way, so be sure to check out the list of participants below and go visit them!

What you can win here: an ebook copy of 'A Beautiful Struggle' & an early reader copy of the sequel 'A Beautiful Forever'

Number of winners: 5

Open to (INT, US or US/CAN): International

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Good Luck!!!
11/2/2013 07:21:10 am

I love romances because they almost always have happy endings and that gives me hope for real life : )

11/2/2013 07:32:21 am

I love romance because they generally end happily even when we have to suffer through turmoil and angst. I shy away from the gushy stuff, I like the hard romance, lol

11/2/2013 08:57:59 am

I love Romances because they leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside and a good romance you never want the story to end xxx

Kristin Mckittrick
11/2/2013 03:47:12 pm

Thanks for this awesome giveaway! Have a great valentines day. <3

11/2/2013 03:50:48 pm

How can someone not love romance? I love romance because I love happy endings and Prince Charming :-)

12/2/2013 03:17:33 am

They are the perfect escape from everyday life

Wendy Pogrant
12/2/2013 07:48:10 am

Thanks for participating in the hop.

susan platt
12/2/2013 09:58:25 am

I love HEA in romances.

susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

Meghan Stith
12/2/2013 12:32:20 pm

I get to pretend that I'm that girl and I have an adoring man. Plus, I love to imagine them as if they were movies and the shots that I would take.

mestith at gmail dot com

Filia Oktarina
13/2/2013 12:54:05 am

I love romance story :)

Lisa Walker Liese2
14/2/2013 11:52:55 am

I love romances because they take you away from reality for a while.
Thanks for the chance!

15/2/2013 01:51:44 am

Romance stories make me happy.

15/2/2013 03:05:58 am

I love romances because I love Happy Ever Afters! I love knowing that people that go through struggles in life can end up with the person they are meant to be with! It also lets me get out of my non-romantic life for a couple hours.

Thanks for this sweet giveaway!

pepper penn
17/2/2013 08:19:42 am

i love romances for all the regular reasons, escape from reality, i love love, HEAs make my heart sing. However, i really feel i am a better observer of people because of romance novels. this sounds silly, but i get so much more insight into human behavior and why people do what they do. thanks for the giveaway.
pepperpenn42 at gmail dot com

Lilliana Anderson
17/2/2013 11:09:08 pm

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Giveaway!

I love all of your answers to my question - the winners have been drawn and are posted on the rafflecopter widget.

18/2/2013 11:26:05 am

Thank you for the awesome hop and giveaway!!! :)

18/2/2013 01:38:10 pm

Thanks for the giveaway!

cassie HOffman
18/2/2013 01:53:05 pm

YAY I won!!! THank you!!!!

Lilliana Anderson
18/2/2013 01:57:01 pm

You did! Did you get my email? It's just asking you what format you wanted your books in.


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