It has been unusually hot for Springtime in Melbourne, Australia and as a result creepy crawlies try to get inside as they search for water. 

Tonight, my husband and I were enjoying a drink of green tea while we watched Last Resort. All of a sudden, Michael sat bolt upright and held his glass up, refusing to swallow the last mouth full of his tea. The lights were switched off so I assumed his tea bag had broken, and he had a mouthful of tea leaves, but when he turned them on and showed me his glass, I saw a small huntsman spider clinging dead to the side - it had obviously climbed into his glass to get a drink and drowned in there. Not so great for the spider but fairly amusing to me, although I don't know that Michael will be asking for tea anytime in the near future! 

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25/11/2012 04:21:03 am

Thanks for the run through the second time, didn't get what you meant the first time lol would have been funny, though not so funny with my cuppa

25/11/2012 09:28:25 am

Fixed it - wonder how that happened!


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