Yesterday I had to take a break from my NaNo novel so I could take my daughter to get her photo taken for her dance class. The photo session was scheduled for 4:15pm, so time wise I needed to take her out of school 15minutes early to put her hair in a high bun and apply her stage make up. 

A friend's daughter goes to the same school and dance class so we both decided to get the girls ready at her house and split the work between us, I did hair and foundation and she did the rest of the make up. 

We were rushing to make sure we were there on time when her mother in law (who was there to watch my friends other kids while we prepped the girls) started to ask us why we were putting make up on our daughter's. 

Turns out the whole time we were primping the girls she thought we were doing it for fun - just to see what they looked like  o_O  
Despite having to pause and clutch our stomachs laughing for a good five minutes we made it on time and the girls all looked beautiful in their stage costumes, I'm not a big fan of the amount of makeup they were wearing but when they were all together for the pics it looked very professional so it was worth it in the end. 

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