So I am spending a lovely sunny day indoors while my youngest has a nap and the others play video games, why? you ask, because Sunday is the day that I read through what I have written with Angelien this week and make sure it makes sense, she then comes over and reads it again to make sure I got the facts right and didn't miss any glaring errors.
I think I might just sneak the kids out for a play at the park though when my little one wakes up, it's too nice a day to waste indoors really.

Volume 5 will be ready for sale tonight and I will add it to Smashwords and Amazon, smashwords will have it available immediately and amazon generally has it available within 12 hours of my upload. Anyone who is following me on twitter will get a tweet as soon as it is up.  It will be called 'Confidante: The Brothel Vol 5 Cheese & Dungeons' if that gives you any clues as to what happens this time.

Time to get going, no rest for the wicked here.

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