It's Sunday afternoon in Australia so it's time for a bit of a sneak peek at my most recent book available on Amazon and Kobo for only 99cents until the end of May. 

Here's a short excerpt - 

“Mia, I think you’ve waited long enough,” he said, his tone soft and reassuring as she handed back his phone. She’d tried to call Eric four times in the last twenty minutes and reached nothing but an inactive mailbox.

She had been waiting for him to show up for two and a half hours, and after witnessing the frustration and disappointment on her face while she tried in vain to contact Eric, Cayd didn’t want her to wait any longer. She was only upsetting herself.

“She must have figured out I was going to meet him,” Mia said quietly.

“Come, I’ll buy you dinner. We can figure out our next move there,” Cayd said, inclining his head to entice her to walk with him. 

Nodding, Mia stood up from the table and followed beside him as they exited the coffee shop.

“I noticed a pub down the road a bit, we can walk there if you’d like?”

Nodding again, Mia followed along beside him, even taking his elbow when he offered it to her, sliding her own arm through the crook of his and leaning into him a little for support. So grateful right now that she wasn’t doing this on her own anymore.

As they rounded the corner, the pub’s beer garden came into view and the sounds of happy dinner time chatter filtered through the air towards them. Mia found herself scanning the tables with interest, noting how each person seemed ecstatically happy compared to her own internal turmoil. Especially the couple in the corner that looked so familiar to her that she almost stopped walking and stared.

“Keep walking Cayd,” she insisted as her heart started to thud in her chest, her coffee filled stomach, swirling uneasily.

“Why?” he asked, following her gaze and raising his eyebrows as realisation dawned on him. “Oh wow, that’s her, and is that - ?”

Lilliana Anderson is an author of New Adult romances 'A Beautiful Series', 'Alter' and Erotic Biography 'Confidante: The Brothel' 

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