Yesterday, I am doing one last read through of A Beautiful Struggle before it launches on New Years Day, but to avoid the last minute rush and the risk of any auto vetters delaying my manuscript, I uploaded to Smashwords and Amazon yesterday. 

Normally when I upload a book, nothing happens until I start to promote it. I literally spend hours setting up tweets and facebook posts as well as travelling around the net touring blogs and participating on book sites. Just to get my books noticed. 

I was expecting more of the same this time. I put A Beautiful Struggle up and checked it this morning when I woke up to make sure everything was working. My mouth dropped open when I saw that it was already selling, it has been selling all day long and is currently #2 on the Australian Drama chart on Amazon. 

I am pretty shocked and fairly humbled, it's by no means a top 100 contender just yet, I've only broken the top 20k - but I am so grateful that people are interested enough to go and look for it. 

Thank you, you have all made me day. 

Lilli xoxox

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