Today I have my children at home because their teachers are on on strike to fight for fairer pay and conditions. For the teachers at our school I think it is fair enough, they are forever there on weekends helping out at fairs and open days etc and they don't get over time for that, it is all expected. I know that I would be kicking up a stink too if I got paid below average wages and worked above average hours especially if I was looking after MY kids five days a week! They try their mother, and the good behaviour awards aren't very forthcoming so I think that they try their teachers too.

Lets face it, school is holiday for mums. Sure you have the morning and afternoon rush, but in the middle of the day you have the sheer bliss that is a quiet home. If only you could put your feet up and watch tele and eat chocolates like the men like to think we are doing. Instead you are racing around shopping, cleaning, sorting, and organising everyone like the good little home executive you are - joy lol.

So I have now published the first four volumes of Confidante: A true story  in one book at smashwords. So it should soon be available at the itunes store, barnes & noble, kobo, diesel ebook store, Sony reader store, Baker & Taylor's Blio and can be found in the library of Aldiko (which is the ereader app I use and love) and Stanza.

You can currently get it at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/228516
I will put up the links to the other sites as soon as I get them.

In other news I had a dream about zombies last night, I have this dream a fair amount because they really freak me out the groaning bastards! lol But it got me thinking that perhaps a zombie theme can be my next venture? I will add plenty of sex for those of you who only read my work for the sex scenes. Something to think about anyway.

Til next time, my ramble is now set to off.

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