It is times like this when I am really glad for the hours I spent, forcing myself to learn how to touch type at a decent speed because, it means, that when I have a story burning inside of me, it doesn't take that long to get it down. 

This is where I tell you that I just finished the first draft of A Beautiful Forever. It feels so good to get story out of my mind because it got really intense in there for a while, especially while Paige was telling me her story! (Ow - my heart!)

So, it looks like you can expect that I will publish this one earlier than expected - it all depends on how beta testing goes of course - if my beautiful Beta Ladies don't like it (please do!), then there will be some major rewrites in store for me! 

Timeline for me right now is - tomorrow - take a day off and hang out with my family. After that I will work on the first edit of the manuscript before I send it off for testing in approx two weeks. So watch this space for a couple of teasers while I edit! 

Talk soon! 

Lilli xoxox
12/4/2014 01:52:09 am

Interesting thoughts.


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