For the few of you who have been following me since I wrote Confidante: The Brothel, you will know that A Beautiful Struggle is my first work of fiction. PLEASE don't read any further unless you have already read the book, there's no spoiler here that hasn't already been put in multiple reviews but if you like to judge for yourself - don't read anything until AFTER you have read the book. 

It's the first time I have had to plot out a book and create my own characters instead of writing about something that has actually happened. 

Here is my original plot - 

Katrina was to have a steamy relationship with Elliot that ended when he broke her heart and she went running to David devastated. 

David confesses his love for her and because of her heartbreak she convinces herself that David is that only guy who will never hurt her. 

Her and Elliot were supposed to have an intense moment at the office that would get them both fired - when he tells her how much he loves her and she still loves him but tells him that she can't go back now that she is in a relationship with her best friend. She feels like she has to give him a chance. 

Years go by and David and Katrina marry and have a child. While out running one day she was supposed to run into Elliot, all of the same feelings were there and they were going to have an affair. 

Katrina was going to have to make a choice between her family and the love of her life. Ultimately choosing her family out of duty. 

So that's it - the original story line. Why am I telling you this? I'm telling you because the characters came to life inside of me and told me that their story was different. This might sound a little crazy but I felt like I was a vessel for the characters to tell their own story, and it wasn't what I had planned. 

I have been getting comments in reviews (which I know I'm not supposed to read) as well as emails sent to me saying that 'the author did...' or 'why did you...' 

I just want to say that my characters make their own choices. To me they live their own story. It might sound like a cop out, it might sound like the ramblings of a person in serious need of some medication. But I just wanted to put it out there - My characters live, they live inside me, I simply watch them and write about what they do. I find it amazing and I find it beautiful and surprising, because I never thought writing would be like this. I thought I would plot my book and write it - I never expected the strong emotions I felt, I never expected to become so involved but I did, and I needed to be true to them despite how I wanted their story to go. 

I wanted Elliot and Katrina to love each other forever, but they just didn't. 

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