Well, not an entire day - I still wrote for a couple of hours this morning, but I took the day off squeezing writing into every quiet moment I could muster. Instead I spent my spare time reading - what did I read? I hear you ask. It was The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders I read the entire book today, captivated by the story and desperately needing to get to the end of it - I knew everything would be ok; but the characters were at such loggerheads the whole time that I couldn't leave them that unhappy in my head - so I read while I cooked, and I read while I bathed my kids, I read while I cleaned my kitchen and then finally I was finished - but were they happy? I'm not one to ruin the ending; you'll have to find out for yourself. 

Lilliana Anderson is Australian author of Confidante: The Brothel ON SALE now  HERE USA or HERE UK

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